June 16, 2024

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Ron Vigo de Caldas arrives in New Zealand and Australia Companies |  Business

Ron Vigo de Caldas arrives in New Zealand and Australia Companies | Business

New Zealand and Australia are their new destinations Rum Vizo de Caldas and Crystal Accordion, As part of the international expansion strategy of the Caldas Wine Factory (ILC).

(Three new products from the Caldas distillery).

“Fulfilling our mission to grow internationally, we bring to these countries our Ron Vigo de Caldas Juan de la Cruz 5 year old products, traditional crystal brandy and crystal brandy without the sugar blue cap.”, Reported Mauricio Welles Maldonado, Marketing and Sales Manager, Caldus Wine Factory.

According to the company, the arrival of these new markets helps to consolidate the results achieved in international sales In the first half of 2021, ILC exports a total of 231,518 bottles, an increase of 71% compared to the same period in 2020. When 135,110 units were marketed.
VĂ©lez Maldonado commented that Australia and New Zealand are very interesting markets because of the high consumption of individual liquor and the large colony of Colombians in these countries.

It was sent in its first volume A container containing about 14 thousand 750 ml bottles that arrived last week.

(Diageo production made in Colombia will be exported).

The official highlighted Procolombia’s support for buyer Siki Foods’ first approaches and assistance in ending the business, which was also highlighted on social media by then-Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade Laura Valdiviso.

Development in Chile

Another achievement related to the international expansion of ILC is the arrival of new products to Chile and As of July 31 this year, 57,746 bottles had been charged for the growth of this major market. By 2020, a total of 68,959 bottles will be sold in this country.

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“This market has become one of the most important for us, we are filling our portfolio, entering the Rum Vizo de Caldas Roble Blanco. This month we will send two more containers, one of which comes with a special case to celebrate Chile’s national holiday in September. “, Marketing and Sales Manager, ILC.

ILC currently has products in 17 countries around the world.