August 7, 2022

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Rosalia reveals the songs that inspired Motomami: "No More No Less than 7 Hours of Music" |  a musician

Rosalia reveals the songs that inspired Motomami: “No More No Less than 7 Hours of Music” | a musician

With concert tickets continuing to disappear at an exponential rate, Rosalia He not only prepares every detail of that tour but also has some moments in the day to keep promoting Mom.

An album that surprised everyone and wanted to focus on it in its latest release. The Catalan artist claims to have created a playlist of all the songs she remembered that could have influenced or inspired her.

“Hi $bizcochito, I created a playlist of entries/references I was thinking of while introducing MOTOMAMI❤️‍🔥 Neither + nor – those 7 hours of music :))))) Enjoy it (note: I left a thousand out safely)” He explained through his latest Instagram post.

It’s a list 110 songs with a total duration of over 6½ hours It should serve as a meeting point for those who have been criticized for months without listening to the artist in her melody and lyrics.

Among the songs, we can see diverse artists like Lole, Manuel, Kanye West, Janis Joplin, Arcangel, Don Omar, Led Zeppelin, Bjork… the playlist, but I think I left over a thousand times but well here comes 7 hours of MUSIKITAAAA ALA A GOZARLAAA “Published by Rosalía.

A good idea is to be able to get into his head and discover an important part of the creative process such as getting close to other colleagues’ art. It is the starting point for breaking pre-established boundaries. This is how we talked about Motomami in our album review: “Because Motomami is full of surprises, unexpected twists and a special Rosalía whistling song. The patterns we already know, it’s easy to disconnect and think about other things while the melody is being played unconsciously. In Motomami it’s complicated. Rosalía shows cracks in her work. The singer breaks the canons of genres and dares With bachatas, reggaetons, hip-hop or ballads or flamenco. Or all at the same time. It has changed itself and instead of adapting to those genres, it adapts to it.”

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At LOS40 we already give you a playlist of Rosalía’s references.