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Rosario Central 2-2 River Pro League goals: summary, videos, controversies and stats

Rosario Central 2-2 River Pro League goals: summary, videos, controversies and stats

With the address under my arms, River, The blazing champion of the Pro League, saved the 2-2 draw in his visit to Rosario Central About the date of the 23rd tournament. The millionaire reacted after trailing 2-0 and was able to save his unbeaten team, which had already reached 18 games.

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Marcelo Gallardo’s side came out to play their best, despite the fact that it had been less than 72 hours since the 4-0 win over Racing ignited celebrations of dedication. And it took a long time for the champions to shake off their drowsiness: they outstripped Canala wide from the start, and Nunez’s side only reacted when Marco Robben scored his second goal in the afternoon and became Canala’s top scorer.

Ten minutes into the 2-0 match on the field, Agustín Palavecino’s show began. The midfielder confirmed his brilliant moment with two goals in seven minutes, allowing River to tie the game. And even a millionaire could have won it in the end, but he lacked fairness in the last few metres.

Here are the game’s best moves:

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Preview, videos, goals and disputes

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  • Keeps ten Centrals! Ojeda arrived at the wrong time, lowered it to Palavecino and saw the second yellow.
  • Aim from the river! Palavecino again, outside again. This time to the left corner of Romero. The champion tied him in Rosario,
  • Aim from the river! Palavecino pinned it with three fingers to a stick and brought the millionaire back into the game.
  • Aim from the center of Rosario! Once again Robben, who headed Blanco’s cross this time and became the best solo scorer in Kanala’s history.
  • It was the river! In the complementary moment, the millionaire put together a very good triangulation and came face to face with Julian Alvarez with Romero, who covered the shot very well.
  • Armani! And goalkeeper River saved from a 2-0 lead in the first half with a great coverage on Vecchio, the great number in the first half.
  • Julian Alvarez tried, but was high. The recorder is not fine.
  • Aim from the center of Rosario! Vecchio equalized on the left, low center threw and Marco Robben pushed him with a signal for 1-0. With the goal, the striker made 98 screams in Canala and reached Valdino Aguirre as the club’s all-time leading scorer.