June 20, 2024

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Roxanne.kho y su cosplay perfecto de Raiden Shogun de Genshin Impact

Roxanne.kho y su cosplay perfecto de Raiden Shogun de Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of video game The most popular at the moment, with an impressive lineup of playable characters that will expand further in a few days by introducing one of the most anticipated characters by fans, which is why the cosplayer community is putting it in sight and we may see many more characterizations in the days coming.

The thing that seems intriguing to us is that it wasn’t long ago that costume artists from all over the world came along and made amazing characterizations of their favorite Genshin Impact characters, not to mention the ones who had a huge presence in the video game with the arrival of Inazuma.

Best of all, one of the most talented cosplay characters has perfectly recreated the look of Archon of the moment, and by that we mean Baal, who is jumping into real life with his Roxanne.kho cosplay.

The talented cosplayer has reinvented the truly sexy Raiden Shogun cosplay. Raiden Shogun is the embodiment of Baal, the Archon representing the electric element who watches over Inazuma, also known as the Eternal Goddess.

He is a very important figure in the Inazuma Archipelago and it will be possible to add him to your team starting September 1, carrying the banner of Reign of Serenity.

His appearance is very reminiscent of Raiden Mei, one of the most famous characters from Honkai Impact, another successful nickname from miHoYo, with the difference that Baal is not really good at cooking.

The Raiden Shogun cosplay from Roxanne.kho is well designed, starting with the kimono that is very loyal to its virtual counterpart, as well as the long hair and purple eyes.

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We must mention that we are also shown a particularly convenient pose that perfectly imitates (with many special effects) the secret art of Musou Shinsetsu, thanks to which Baal extracts a sword from his body.