June 16, 2024

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Indigenous Brazilians protest in front of Government House in defense of their lands

Indigenous Brazilians protest in front of Government House in defense of their lands

Madrid, 28 ago. (European Press) –

Hundreds of indigenous Brazilians gathered on Friday near Planalto Palace, the seat of the government of Brazil, in the city of Brasilia, to protest the “time-frame”, a measure that forces indigenous peoples to prove they were occupying some lands before signing the 1988 constitution for the country to consider it officially. original lands.

It was observed in this march how at a certain moment a giant black sarcophagus was displayed with the slogan “Condemnation of the Genocide”, in reference to the head of state, Jair Bolsonaro, who supports the “time frame” scale.

The march toured Ministries Square, the site of several government buildings, and along its path, protesters from various ethnic groups danced, sang their own songs and launched anti-President advertisements, as reported by G1 Gate, from the ‘Balloon’.

This work was carried out “to ensure indigenous (indigenous) rights and against the ‘time frame’,” said a statement from the march organizers, in which they also criticized the “exacerbation of violence against indigenous peoples, both within and outside the traditional lands.”

The Association of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB) noted in its social networks that the coffin, measuring about ten meters, symbolizes “the death represented by institutions”.

The Ministries Square hosts during these days about 6,000 indigenous people from more than 170 towns, according to the organizers, who are protesting against the possible approval of this new legislation, and is expected to remain there until Saturday.

For his part, President Bolsonaro, who was in the Guyana Special Operations Command, in the Ministries Square, posted a message on social media in which he attached a video of the protest and asked if these people were who. They want to return to power in the country “with the help of those who blame, arrest and attack the defenders of the constitution and freedom.”

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