June 20, 2024

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New Zealand rugby sign a millionaire deal

New Zealand rugby sign a millionaire deal

The influence of French billionaire Mohamed Ultrat on rugby has now increased, with New Zealand rugby (NZR) revealing that its construction equipment company Ultrat will become its new kit sponsor.

Aldrod, the ‘world leader in providing industrial services and equipment for the construction market’, has reached a six-year contract with the game’s largest brand, starting in 2022.

The deal is reported to be worth around மில்லியன் 90 million to NZR over the lifetime of the deal.

Earlier this year, it was announced by the French media that the Ultra would be among the selections. All black Sevens, Black Ferns Sevens, Maori All Blacks and New Zealand M20.

“The partnership period is a testament to Ultrat’s lasting interest in rugby, including ownership. Montpellier Be a major supporter of the Harold Rugby Club (MHR) and the French rugby team. Ultrad sees its partnership with the NZR as an opportunity to positively influence both rugby and society globally.

NZR CEO Mark Robinson said: “In building this partnership, we recognize Aldrat’s core principles of courage, respect, solidarity, warmth and humility as truly relevant to our sport: in rugby. We are excited about the opportunity to deepen contact with communities on both sides through learning.We are very proud of the acceptance of this partnership and look forward to starting next year.

Mohd Ultrad, Founder and President of Aldrat, added: “Rugby upholds the values ​​I have always upheld in my life. New Zealand rugby is a metaphor for these values ​​on and off the field. The power of rugby to promote communities cannot be underestimated, and this is one area where we will succeed through our relationship with the NZR.

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