June 21, 2024

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RUGBY A 7 – Fiji Overload New Zealand for Gold Medal!


The current Olympic champions, after a spectacular coronation in Rio Fiji Put it back on the Tokyo side. In front New Zealand, Marked with a magnificent finish entryTest Of Meli Ternaloki. One remembers it BrazilThe Fijians defeated the first active enemy. After a major upheaval in Newstop on in-goal, it was able to take advantage of it Bolaka, we thought we were heading towards the same situation.

But Kiwi captain, Scott Curry put his team back in the direction of the market (5-12). And despite an excellently signed test Giuda Vinicolo (19-5) In personal achievement, New Zealand did everything to win gold. Witness the achievement of 1’14 Zion Molia after the end of regulatory time for this first period!

19 to 12 Lemon, glass, suspense … what more can you ask for?

Very brave and united in defense, New Zealand beat one last time, Azeli Tuyawaka scored the fourth attempt. The last step? A drop in the siren. 27-12, Fiji won another gold medal.

Small final

Those who fell in wonderSouth Africa (Bronze medalist in Rio) In the quarterfinals, Argentina failed to make a second record, losing to Fiji by 1/2. But they had a chance to win bronze against another medal-winning team (silver) during the last Olympics: The Great-Brittany. Fell 1/4 from the United States, but were defeated by the Kiwis at 1/2, hitting an attempt on the British first move, on shore, thanks Ben Harris.

But before Marcos Monetta starts the small side in a scramble in the opposing camp and gives the advantage to the score, Lutarro Basan Welles responds to him … At the end of an action a forward not clear by the referee is clearly erased. From 12 to 5, the referee whistles for half the time.

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Exotic, Great Britain returns to the game. Served by Harris, Olly Lindsay-Hague is going to record an attempt. Except for what appears to be the fate of Puma’s: Behind, Ignacio Mendi deposits his Vis-à-Vis in 1vs1, what will be the test of success … 17 to 12, final score, bronze medalArgentina !

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