December 3, 2021

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Rumor has it that Sony will be developing a live action movie focusing on Miles Morales’ Spider-Man

Over the next year Miles Morales He will be returning to the movies courtesy of the long-awaited sequel to spider man inside the spider world, However, new Rumor He argues that this will not be the only cinematic project of the hero who debuted in the Ultimate Universe of Marvel Comics.

Although nothing is official yet, through his Patreon account, reporter Daniel Richtman confirmed it. Sony will develop a live-action film focusing on Miles Morales.

according to CBRThe Richtman report does not provide further details about this alleged project, so it is currently unknown if this rumored movie will be related to other Marvel films that Sony is developing and include bets such as Morbius And Craven Tape. In fact, there is also no clarity regarding the relationship between this project and the main Spider-Man series that Sony developed with Marvel Studios and is currently focused on Tom Holland’s Peter Parker.

In that sense, in addition to remembering that Holland himself mentioned Miles Morales in his thoughts on the Spidey franchise given his possible exit from the role, it’s also worth noting that since the creative team led by Michael Bendis and Sarah Becchile introduced Miles Morales, this hero has gained space in the Marvel catalog, as well To being the hero of an animated movie Spider-Man inside the spider world, was the focus of the episodic video game by Spider-Man from MarvelAnd Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and you will also be a part of Spider-Man from Marvel 2.

But although in this context it can be said that Miles Morales’ arrival in live action films is only a matter of time, at the moment there is nothing official and it all remains in the realm of rumors.

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