July 5, 2022

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Safiya succeeds in getting out of her darkness and burying her mother's ghost... forever?

Safiya succeeds in getting out of her darkness and burying her mother’s ghost… forever?

The doctor has come home from classy to continue helping her. There, in one of his talks, magnolia He tells her how much she has always taken care of her father and siblings and encourages her to take care of herself now.

The doctor advises her to cook again but classy He tells her that he can’t clean the kitchen because it’s too dirty.

But then, Magnolia convinces classy And take a step It seemed impossible: Clean the bathroom and take a shower!

but a ghost hasheb You don’t want to miss the moment and go back to torment classy: “You’re dirt. You can never be clean.”

Therefore, the doctor decides to enter the bathroom and tries to persuade classy She is pure and he asks her not to hear that voice in her head that torments her so much and wants to confuse her.

The young woman, who cannot stop listening to her mother’s ghost, enters into a crisis and repeats to herself that she smells bad: “I’m dirty on the inside” But suddenly he reacts when the doctor He takes her by the arm and tells her that she is completely clean.

At that moment, he returns to reality and stares at his mother’s ghost and tells him something he hopes will be very clear to him: “I’m clean!”

the new classy He opens the window to give way to the light and finally leaves the darkness he has been living in for so long the doctor can’t hide pride How does he feel about Safiya?

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