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Sakondu promotes the internationalization of your company to reach new foreign markets with financing of up to €45,000

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Sakondu promotes the internationalization of your company to reach new foreign markets with financing of up to €45,000

Making the company have a greater presence in the international market

The Sakondu program aims to Improving the competitiveness of Basque companies through internationalizationWhile integrating sustainability into its business model and growth strategy. This is another step towards achieving greater knowledge of the Basque economy and companies as references in environmental, economic and social sustainability.

the Small enterprises, SMEs and highly internationalized start-upsas 50% of its turnover is derived from exports, will be able to access from today, May 28, to order Aid from the Sakondu 2024 programme. In this way, they will strengthen their presence in new or emerging foreign markets where they have not yet invoiced by more than 25%. The deadline to apply for the scholarship is July 15.

If your company’s exports still do not reach 50% of its turnover, you are certainly interested in learning more about the Zabaldo Aid Program.

These are the advantages of opening your company to new markets

If you already have experience in internationalization processes and your exports have already exceeded 50% of your turnover, then perhaps the time has come Increase your company’s presence in new foreign markets.

There are several strategic and economic reasons that could push you to take this step:

  • Increase income: New markets offer the potential for more sales, which translates into more income. Foreign markets can be an opportunity for company growth, especially if you discover that demand in existing markets is stagnant or saturated.
  • Access to resources and talent: It is possible that by opening up to new markets, you will gain access to natural, personal, or technological resources that are not available or more expensive in the current markets in which the company operates.
  • Innovation and adaptation: Entering new markets requires the company to initiate innovation processes and adapt to new characteristics and requirements of the market. In the process, improvements can be made that positively impact existing markets.
  • Long term stability: Diversifying the markets in which you operate provides greater long-term stability. Local economic crises, fluctuations in demand or regulatory changes affecting the company’s activity will have less impact the more diverse the market in which the company operates.
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In addition to all these reasons, you currently have Aid from the Sakondu 2024 programmewhich is presented to you Financing to confront this trend towards internationalization.

Do you want to know what expenses you can finance with this help?

Expenses for expert advice for entering markets of interest and those resulting from actions aimed at strengthening and adapting the internal organization of the company to take this step:

  • civilized region Internationalization strategy Supported by an expert consultant.
  • intellectual property: Patent and trademark registration and approvals in the destination country.
  • go to International exhibitions.
  • to implement Exploration trips To analyze markets, reverse assignments, and receive companies that may be potential clients.
  • Actions Communications and marketing Adapted to the new destination country: catalogues, brochures, web pages, presentations, product displays…
  • Sustainability reports To analyze the company’s impact in the destination country.
  • Feasibility studies For commercial and/or production outdoor applications
  • Talent integration For the company, hiring staff for international operations.

Years ago, I discovered Basque companies Opportunities offered by internationalization To achieve a leap in competitiveness and innovation. The SPRI Group has strengthened this path through various lines of assistance in recent years. At this time, sustainability is one of the essential elements that must accompany the project Business growth processes. the program Sacundo 2024 This commitment to sustainable growth highlights and becomes one of the elements that distinguishes the Basque company.

If you want to take this process a step further, take advantage of this opportunity to finance expenses. The deadline to apply for Sakondu Aid 2024 will be open until July 15!

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