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Sam Asgari who is and how engaged Britney Spears?  |  people |  entertainment

Sam Asgari who is and how engaged Britney Spears? | people | entertainment

The actor portrayed the character credited as “Sexy Santa” in an episode of HBO max series ‘Hacks’ (2021).

New York times

Sam Asghari He is a budding actor and longtime personal trainer. However, this 27-year-old She is best known to millions of people as the fiancée of a 39-year-old woman who was, for years, the greatest pop star in the world.: Britney Spears, who was recently I got out of legal custody which has been observed for more than a decade.

Asgari’s famous fiancée’s engagement to him is one of the few details of his private life that is in the public domain. The two said in interviews that they met in 2016, when he appeared in the music video for Spears’ song. sleepwear party (features a special entry from Tinashe), in the role of a contemplative observer as she crawls across a banquet table to lick what appears to be a milk spill.

Since then, The couple appeared together several times on their Instagram accountsUsually, you do some physical activity, relax in a sunny vacation spot, wave your camera at close range, or a combination of all three. The couple announced their engagement on Instagram in September. (He has a photo; she is with a bunch of clips showing her diamond ring to the camera.)

However, the details regarding almost every aspect of Asghari’s fiancée’s life Known only to people who have access to confidential court records It relates to a guardianship that has ruled its existence since 2008, which has already been terminated by a judge. naturally, His relationship with Asgari arose within the parameters of this legal ploy, the terms of which are completely hidden That for over a decade, people outside of her could only guess how someone in her circle was feeling, let alone how she felt about it.

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Asghari labor efforts

One Friday in October Asgari arrived at an agreed-upon location in downtown Los Angeles for an hour-long photo session and interview., met with his publicist, Brandon Cohen (hesitating; black shirt; often with the phone to his ear), and with his creative director named Maxi (talkative; pink plaid suit; often everywhere).

In Asghar Hadith – from He moved to California from Iran at the age of twelve to live with his father, who immigrated seven years earlier– It was nice. when we ask What aspect of daily life did you find most difficult to adapt to after leaving your mother and sisters in Tehran as a teenagerTraveling to a foreign country whose language he did not speak, to live with a father he had not seen since he was four, Asghari replied: “Honestly, for me it was not difficult at all. It was easy for me.”

Sam Asgari left Iran at the age of 12 to move to California to live with his father. Photo: ryan pfluger

When we asked him to mention his worst job, Asghari, who said it Her previous acting career included stints at Best Bay and rolling sushi for Quincyanera parties, He mentioned that each job was as fun as the previous one because You find happiness in every job. My job, at the moment, is acting.”explained.

One of Asghari’s interpretations that has been seen the most in his career – although it may not seem like it. She was a character attributed to “Sexy Santa” in an episode of the 2021 HBO series Max Hacks. He appeared in only one scene, opposite Jan Smart.

“naturally Acting is not just about filming TV shows and movies.”Asghari commented. “Erotic choreography, training, auditions…part of it. So it is a full time job“.

Despite their posts on social media often Showing it in the midst of his quest to get fit, Asghari described personal training as “the bartender’s job.”, i.e. the job that an aspiring actor holds so that he can keep up with acting.

But as you reorient your career path, Asgari remains associated with the Online Personal Training Subscription Service, Asghari FitnessWhich, according to him, has almost a thousand subscribers. For $9 a week, subscribers can access videos in which a man, sometimes but not always, shows Asghari exercises such as “Bulgarian squats” and “Good morning with dumbbells”, along with an exercise program. exercise.

Subscribers too Get a meal plan Contains recipes for up to three meals and three snacks a day.

Male Asghari An Asghar Fitness “It will always get better,” that it is “very exclusive” and that “it’s not something I promote, and I don’t expect to make millions of dollars with it.”

Participating in an episode of a season of a show on HBO Max doesn’t “pay your bills” either.Asghari’s opinion. “If you’re in three or four different movies, that pays the bills.”