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Samsung's BESPOKE AI™ product launch in Mexico shows how connected your smart home is to AI – Samsung Newsroom Mexico

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New line of devices Detailed AI™ Mexico just surprised at a launch event that brought together media, content creators, influencers, technology experts and special guests.

CDMX's Santa Fe Event Park has become a corridor toward new connectivity that will transform homes with artificial intelligence. The night provided opportunities to enter spaces that showcased the connectivity that SmartThings offers and the experiences that have led to revolutionary home appliance innovations.

Samsung's BESPOKE AI™ product launch in Mexico shows how connected your smart home is to AI – Samsung Newsroom Mexico

The event was attended by influencers and notable figures in the food and lifestyle industry, including: Andy Zurita (@andymtzurita), Carlos Islas (@islasvlogsDani Flowers (@daniflowers), Ver Peña (@ferpineapple.jpg), Isidora Vives (@isivivess_), Marisol Pink (@yosisoymarisolpink), Pamela Aller (@pamallier), Saul Schwartz (@chefschwarz(Yordy Rosado)@yordirosadoofficial).

Yordi Rosado (@yordirosadoofficial)

Under the leadership of Jimmy Servent (@jimmysirvent), the launch gave all the details and possibilities that BESPOKE AI™ opens up. After introducing the driver, two executives from Samsung Mexico – Mauricio Ames, Director of Digital Devices, and Ledis Hernandez, Senior Product Manager at White Line – delved into the details of the new program. BESPOKE AI Laundry Hub™And refrigerators BESPOKE AI Family Hub™ And BESPOKE AI Top Mount™.

“Today, artificial intelligence is here, which will be present in our daily lives, completely changing the way we interact at home. The BESPOKE AI™ line is designed to deliver a personalized experience that adapts to the needs and lifestyles of each user.Mauricio Ames stated.

The new era of artificial intelligence presented by these devices also caught the attention of many technology experts, such as: Aura Lopez (@aurav), Benja Ortega (@benjawartega), Erendira Reyes (@ereseresita), Issa Luna (@soyisaluna), Jesús Guzman from Brujería Tech (@brujeriatech) And Fine Gusmiao (@fanegosmiao).

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Fine Gusmiao (@fanigosmiao)

Issa Luna (@soyisaluna)

Smart kitchen with BESPOKE AI™ technology

Upon entering Santa Fe Event Park, the first appliance to greet all visitors was the BESPOKE AI Top Mount™ Refrigerator, with its clean, contemporary design of flat panels and premium silver finish; In addition to its smart functions that include energy saving through SmartThings AI power mode and voice control.

On the other hand, the BESPOKE AI Family Hub™ becomes a window to future experiences in the kitchen, with its 32-inch screen that provides access to SmartThings Food, an application with hundreds of recipes that can be customized to include foods that suit you. Available in the refrigerator.

Bring new BESPOKE AI™ news to life

The event also brought the key features of the new BESPOKE AI Laundry Hub™ into the real world, with spaces filled with bubbles and “steam” creating inviting spaces for taking photos and capturing the moment. We are Photo opportunities Provided a more fun way to learn about AI Dry functions, which automatically optimizes the time and temperature of the drying cycle; AI Wash, which uses sensors to analyze clothing and dirt; The large capacity of the washing machine is 22 kg.

The Flex Auto Dispenser System was one of the stars of the night, as it eliminates the need to add detergent and fabric softener every time you wash, thanks to its large capacity that can cover up to 20 loads (or up to 34 loads if the fabric doesn't use softener ). ). A novelty that inspired an experiment in which two ball pits were simulated for this new automatic dispenser.

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In addition, on the wall, visitors were able to learn more about the 25 washing cycles of the BESPOKE AI Laundry Hub™, through which they created a unique artwork by linking with threads the cycles they use most in their daily lives.

Connected experience with SmartThings

As if that wasn't enough, the SmartThings wall demonstrated the full potential of the connected ecosystem that the new BESPOKE AI™ line accesses; With solutions that cover every corner of the house: in the living room with New QLED screens, the frameand the Free projector; While you're in the kitchen, your BESPOKE AI Family Hub™ Refrigerator can't be missing nearby Microwavethe stove And the dishwasher From the BESPOKE line.

Home cleaning couldn't be left out in this connected experience, with the aforementioned BESPOKE AI Laundry Hub™, which was accompanied by The BESPOKE Jet™ vacuum cleaner and the Jet Bot+ robotic vacuum cleaner.

During the event, it was highlighted that all means of communication for these smart devices are completed through the open SmartThings platform, which means that devices can be connected from more than 300 partners, so you have more than 3,000 smart devices in the same application. Trademarks.

More and more consumers are looking for products that connect, educate and inform them; In general, they should be aware of everything that concerns us, and this is where artificial intelligence plays a very important role.Ledis Hernandez added.

Aura Lopez (@aurav)

Laundry center BESPOKE AI Laundry Hub™And refrigerators BESPOKE AI Family Hub™ And BESPOKE AI Top Mount™ Available now in www.samsung.com/mxand the Samsung Shop app, with great discounts and promotions.

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