December 4, 2021

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Samus Aran's Voice in Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch

Samus Aran’s Voice in Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch

It’s been two weeks since the launch Metroid Dread and Nintendo SwitchBut the hype did not decrease because after 19 years of absence, the series comes to present another game that can be placed among the best Metroidvanias Not a problem. However, one of the surprises for fans of the series is that Samus Aran finally has a voice in Metroid DreadAnd that looks great thanks to talent Nikki Garcia.

I realize there is a game called Metroid: Other M where Samus also speaks, but I think we would agree that it is best to ignore this game within the canon. After explaining this, Metroid Dread lets us hear a sound Samos Aran for the first time, Performed by Nikki Garcia. If you have not had the opportunity to enjoy the game and do not want to spoil the experience, I warn you that there will be Metroid Dread story spoilers for Nintendo Switch From this point on.

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Although the Metroid dread Is the return of the two-dimensional font of the series, developers mercury vapor They have implemented cinematic moments that make the experience even more immersive. These moments usually happen before and after each president Lets see Samus cooler than everSometimes you apply the cliched phrase of shooting without seeing or turning your back on the explosion.

During most of the game, we don’t hear spoken dialogue, except when we find a terminal to communicate with Adam. This changes the middle of the game, when we come across a kuzu I live by name silent cloakFrom the Duha tribe. This character takes a moment to explain what is really happening on this planet to Samos, warning her that the villain is Pico de Cuevo seeks to extract Metroid DNA from his bodyAt this moment we are listening Nikki Garcia’s voice Samus Aran played for the first time.

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Samus talking to Chozo in Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch

do not worry. I will finish this once and for allDoes all this answer? Samos speaking in Chuzo. These lines while the music enters the Theme by Samos Aran This scene made for one of the most exciting scenes in the entire game, so it remains to thank Nikki Garcia and Mercury Steam for such great acting. The most powerful bounty hunter in the universeIn the words of Nintendo himself.

In addition to being the voice of Samus Aran on Metroid Dread, Nikki Garcia is the voice of the cube queen in Fortnite, as we were able to hear it in the recent progression from Fortnitemares. Metroid Dread isn’t the only Metroidvania that’s been involved, because We can also hear her voice in the latest trailer for Aeterna Noctis, an indie game developed by Aeternum Game Studios, a Spanish studio.

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In fact, Nikki Garcia is a Spanish singer and voice actress With years of experience you can listen to his EP we have something via spotify NS Itunes. Nikki Garcia is also recognized in Spain for being Google Maps Voice, in addition to being responsible for giving a voice to Jasmine in the live dubbing of Aladdin.