May 17, 2022

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Schedule and where to watch the French Grand Prix at Le Mans on TV

Schedule and where to watch the French Grand Prix at Le Mans on TV

celebrate day 2022 French Grand Prix, round 7 of the MotoGP World Championship, where MotoGP is very open. French Fabio Quartararo He is already a leader again, in addition to the current world champion, but by a narrow margin Alex Espargaro (89 vs 82 points). Italian Bastianini Won the second race of the season in Spanish Grand Prix in JerezHe is third in the standings with 69 points, tied with him Alex rinse, the fourth.

It is disputed in the respective categories of MotoGP, Moto 2 and Moto 3. The World Cup arrives at the Bugatti Autodrome (Le Mans, France), which will be the stage for motorcycles at one of the great events of the season in Moto GB.

This is the seventh test of this year being held as the current leader and world champion, Fabio Quartararo, competing in front of her audience, so she will act as a local person. so this The French Grand Prix takes place from May 13-15 at Le the homonymous city (France).

This will be the seventh date for this unexpected campaign and he will finally be able to count on an audience in the stands. Until now, Bastianini He is the only jockey to win two races, while Quarteraro, Espargaro, Bagnaya and Oliveira They have won one race each in a row.

The The world has great equalityin addition to driving Quarteraro, Alex Espargaro, In second place in the World Cup with seven points behind the French, then doubled with 69 points against Bastianin and Reigns. espargaro He achieved the first victory of his career in Argentina this season in the motorcycle category.

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Next to, m olivera (KTM) won the Indonesian Grand PrixSo this season looks very open in terms of winners. As in the past two years, with nicknames Joan Mir and Fabio Quartarophysical problems Marc Marquez She left a “power vacuum” that denotes fierceness and competitiveness MotoGP Network.

Marc Marquez Definitely up his spirits after adding two sixth places on his return to the ring, in addition to the fourth place he achieved in the I don’t know in front of his audience. And the Spanish champion, who is gradually recovering after vision problems, will seek to shoot again in the east MotoGP World Championship.

at Moto 3 led by Sergio GarciaWho with his victory in it Portimao Adds 103 points to his tally, ahead of the Italian Dennis Foggiasecond with 82. In Moto 2, Celestino Vitti Trans Alpine Too authoritarian and dominates the rankings with 100 points after completion The second is in Portugal. It has an important advantage over Asian Ogura who adds 81 points He closed the gap by winning the I don’t know.

2022 French Grand Prix schedules:

Friday 13 May:

09:00: FP1 Moto3

09:55 AM: FP1 MotoGP

10:55 AM: FP1 Moto2

1:15 pm: FP2 Moto3

2:10 pm: FP2 MotoGP

3:10 pm: FP2 Moto2

Saturday 14 May:

09:00: FP3 Moto3

09:55 AM: FP3 Motorcycle

10:55 AM: FP3 Moto2

12:35 PM: Q1 Moto3

1:00 PM: Q2 Moto3

1:30 PM: FP4 MotoGP

2:10 pm: MotoGP first quarter

2:35 pm: Motorcycle Quarter 2

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3:10 pm: Q1 Moto2

3:35 pm: Q2 Moto2

Sunday 15 May:

09:00 AM: Moto3 . warm up

9:20 a.m.: Moto2 . warm up

09:40 AM: Motorcycle warm-up

11:00 am: Moto 3 race

12:20 p.m.: Moto2 Race

2:00 pm: Speedway

Where do you watch the 2022 French Grand Prix?

The 2022 French Grand Prix Observable In Spain through the DAZN platform. after merging DAZN and Movistar +subscribers to Movistar Plus can watch DAZN channels.

You can catch up on all the information about the weekend directly at Mundo Deportivo website.