December 3, 2021

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Season 8 of The Flash will include a new reverse Flash story after Armageddon Cross

Season 8 of Sparkle It has already premiered in the US, but while Latin American fans will have to wait a little longer to see the new adventures of the Crimson Runner, the showrunner has provided a major factor in the episodes to come after “Armageddon,” the mini-crossover that will cover the first five episodes of the cycle. new for Sparkle.

in conversation with CBRAnd Eric Wallace has confirmed that Eppard Town will be a part of Season 8 of Sparkle In particular, he will continue to appear in “Armageddon”, participating in some episodes after that event.

In this sense, Wallace asserts that Twain’s return will imply some novelties to his rivalry with Barry Allen. All on the heels of their last encounter during the battle with Godspeed in the Season 7 finale.

So, at the end of last season, Reverse flash, he’s a very angry man. why? Because Flash is faster now”, Wallace said, And this only increased Thawne’s determination to win. If there was one question that Armageddon answered, it was, “Well, if you can’t beat your enemy, what do you do to defeat him?” This is where Eobard Thawne will begin in “Armageddon.” That’s really the question being asked, and that question is answered throughout Season 8, in strange and unexpected ways.”

Although it is not yet clear how Thawne will play her role in the post-intersection episodes, it should be remembered that the eighth cycle of Sparkle Will also think of Rick Cusnett is back How do Eddie Thon, predecessor of reverse flashing. However, that character who died in the first season of the series will be part of the episodes after the crossover.

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Well, first of all, to lower expectations, Eddie is not in “Armageddon”. Eddie is part of a separate graphic novel,” The viewer pointed out in reference to the string arcs. “We have three graphic novels this year in season eight. I’ll get to wood if we can make this giant feat, but all (those stories) stem from ‘Armageddon.'”

The crossover known as “Armageddon” will include five episodes of the eighth season of Sparkle The series then enters a short hiatus in its broadcast in the United States to return with the previous arc that will include the return of Eddie Thwain, opposite of The Flash and will also address temporary illness by Iris.