May 23, 2022

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Seattle Mariners Casey Sadler relieves missed season with right shoulder surgery

Seattle Mariners Casey Sadler relieves missed season with right shoulder surgery

Borea, Arizona – right pitcher Casey SadlerSeattle Mariners coach Scott Service announced today, Sunday, that the Seattle Mariners will miss the entire season to undergo surgery on the right shoulder.

“We’ll have to wait and see the final decision, but you won’t see him play for long,” Cervay said first before he knew he was going to have surgery.

The 31-year-old had 0.67 ERA in 42 games last season, including a franchise record streak of 29 consecutive goalless appearances.

Sadler dealt with a shoulder infection last year and has been out for nearly three months. He returned in July and emerged as one of the best loyalists in the MLS. He often tempered the starting Seattle shooters and was rocking with the runners at base.

Sadler is entering his seventh season in the Majors, 6-4 with a 2.86 ERA in 101 games. His only stop came in 2019 with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Service said he is keeping his options open until a reducer takes over Sadler in the fifth and sixth games.

“More games are won or lost in those roles than in the late rounds, so we’ll see different things as pocket players,” he said. “We could use a guy with a lot of influence in those places maybe in the past, but I don’t have the ‘plug and play’ thing.

Service said Seattle will use one closer to each commission, unless General Manager Jerry DePoto makes a deal to document it.

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Seattle still Drew SteckenriderAnd the Paul SwaldAnd the Diego Castle And the Ken Giles In the back of his bulls. Giles tracks all other shooters in terms of readiness to play in the Cactus League.