May 17, 2022

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Serie A: Di Mara is close to Juventus

Serie A: Di Mara is close to Juventus

alsoThe goal is in sight. And not just anyone. Knowing that (except for a last minute surprise) he will not renew his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, say mar Aims to continue in Europe. And the club most moved to sign him is Juventus. So much so that, as La Gazzetta dello Sport points out, the Bianconero are pressing hard with the goal of ending his arrival before the end of May.

A few days ago, Di Mara spoke about his future: “I don’t know if PSG wants to renew my contract. If not, it would be ideal to stay another year in Europe and then go back to Argentina. Next season is the World Cup and this is my last chance to win it. You want to be ready”announced on “Urbana Play”.

and add: “My contract expires in June, the idea is that it ends here. I don’t know if the club wants it to happen like this, there is a pre-contract, but we have to see if the club will activate it.”

I don’t know if PSG wants to renew my contract. If not, the ideal would be to stay an extra year in Europe

Angel Demara

It is clear that the Argentine has not ruled out continuity in Paris but it appears that the club has other plans and has not made an offer for him. This resonates in Italy, where “La Vecchia Signora” wants to take advantage of the available market opportunity. Despite the Argentine’s high demands and doubts about his age (34), the idea is to go ahead and try to finish the deal with numbers beneficial to Juventus.

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Di Mara, in a French League match.Angel Rivero /Marker

As the Italian newspaper clarified, the deadline for negotiation could be the end of May, that is, after the end of Serie A and Serie A. The same. However, there is a key point: He pushes Allegri to sign him and asks Juventus to accept the 7 million net salary per season that the Argentine is asking for.

This season Di Mara played 29 matches between Ligue 1 and the Champions League. With Messi’s arrival, he lost a few minutes on the offensive front and had his season with the fewest games played in Paris.