August 13, 2022

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Shakira had an unfortunate accident in her car when she arrived at the hospital where her father is

Comments about Shakira and Gerard Pique have not stopped since the announcement of their separation, after 12 years together. The Colombian artist gave something to talk about due to her recent public appearances and vacation, as she was seen on the beach with her two children Milan and Sasha, and For a man who taught him to surf.

However, on this occasion a translator excerpt s our end She was seen on arrival at the hospital due to the health problems of her father, William Mubarak.

At the beginning of June, there were rumors of this Shakira was taken to the hospital due to a nervous breakdown and an anxiety attack. However, the singer explained on social media that it was a lie and that the pictures that were circulated as she was seen in an ambulance in Barcelona were because her father had suffered a “big fall” and was taken to the hospital, where he was recovering. .

Then he shared a video in which he showed how he shared a family moment with his father. In the clip, the Colombian singer showed her father posters with several phrases and asked him to read them. “With my dad out, already at home and on his way up, help him with his post-traumatic cognitive stimulation. Thank you all for closing us in on your great love.”

Car accident

On July 3, according to the magazine Welcome, Shakira was again seen in hospital because her father, William Mubarak, 90, had to be admitted to the Teknon clinic in Barcelona.

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In this way it became known that the translator Wakawaka He continued with his father’s health problems. But, in addition to this, he was going to have another unfortunate accident while driving the car to the health center.

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The car the artist was driving, a Volkswagen truck, has two holes in the right side. According to the magazine, Shakira would have noticed the accident when she was parked outside the hospital, so she had to call the van to solve the problem.

There is no information yet about the health of his father, William Mubarak.