October 18, 2021

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Slowking de Galar, Pumpkaboo, and Phantump will debut at Halloween Pranks event in Pokémon Go

Slowking de Galar, Pumpkaboo, and Phantump will debut at Halloween Pranks event in Pokémon Go

The Halloween Pranks event will have twice as many ghosts as it unfolds in two parts from October 15 to 31.

In addition to continuing Season of Mischief, new Creepy Companions and Ghoulish Friends events will see Slowking debut in Galar, Pumpkaboo, and Phantump. New hooded variants of Pikachu, Piplup, and Drifblim will appear in the wild and in raids during both events.

Spooky Companions, which runs October 15-22, will focus on the next release of content related to Hoopa, Galar’s Slowking, and more psychic and poison Pokémon appearing this season. You will also have the chance to meet Shiny or Shiny Spinarak.

Once The Spookies are gone, Ghoulish will be out to play, as the Ghoulish Friends portion of the event will run from October 22 to October 31, until the end of Halloween.

This is when Pumpkaboo and Phantump will debut, along with their evolution, Gourgeist and Trevenant. And to keep up with the Pumpkaboo, which has different sizes in the game just like the real Pumpkin, a new size mechanic has been added to Pokemon Go It will allow its size to be properly reflected in the game.

With the introduction of a volume mechanic, Niantic will include a team challenge during this part of the event that will require its players to capture Pumpkaboo of different sizes.

Image via Niantic

Halloween-themed avatar items, stickers, and packs will also be available. After that, all the rewards you will get from October 15 to 31.

  • Double the number of candies per transfer
  • Double the number of candy per catch
  • Double the number of candies per hatch
  • XL Candy Guaranteed When You Walk With Your Partner
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In addition to the spooky festivities, you can take part in a special Fighting Go League Halloween Cup with a remix of popular Lavender Town music.

This article was originally published in English by Cal Michael On October 11, 2021.