December 4, 2021

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Some Teslas devices come to owners without USB-C ports

Some Teslas devices come to owners without USB-C ports

Purchase Tesla It’s not easy. electric cars Elon Musk Its price is much higher than the average and it can take half a year for delivery after ordering. And now, the new owners of these compounds have reported a problem related to the global shortage of semiconductors.

Electric I mentioned that many users who received their cars recently Tesla They’ve got a surprise: The Lost Ports USB-C Or the wireless charger is not working.

Specialized media indicate that these incomplete cars began arriving on November 11th.

Terrible service

Some of the new owners of Tesla They were notified of this inconvenience, while the others were surprised.

Tesla confirms that it will prove, by appointment, a file USB-C ports Missing when available. This is expected to be possible in December.

problems in Tesla New doors are known for not paying attention to details like doors that don’t fit properly, poorly applied paint or even Flying surfaces off the road during your first ride. Ironically, the electric car company enjoys a high satisfaction rate among its users.

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