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Gladiator 2: Ridley Scott loves the second part script

Gladiator 2: Ridley Scott loves the second part script

the gladiator He saw the light in a movie theater more than 20 years ago. And after more than two decades of waiting, it looks like Ridley Scott is getting closer and closer to starting work with a sequel. The director wanted to address what had persuaded him to revisit this Colosseum: Although five Oscars — including Best Picture and Best Actor — along with critical approval worked to convince him, it was his passion for old movies that ended. Take the step. In addition to, He has high expectations for the scenario of this sequel.

Gladiator 2With Scott ready to surround himself with wrestlers again

It was impossible not to sympathize with Maximus, the character that Russell Crowe embodied to form the gladiator, facing the evil Komodo Joaquin Phoenix. Together they gave life to a story that is still stored in the retina of many, and this week Scott wanted to look back a little to explain How did you feel when you immerse yourself in this history of antiquity. He was in an interview with final dateand where also Accusations have been leveled against superhero cinema While presenting his new movie, Gucci House.

However, in this article, we should dress up as gladiators and take a look at the 2000 movie and its future sequel. “in the first place, I love making small films. I love searching. I love creating those little scents,” Scott began saying in the middle, when talking about the gladiator. “I think we got it with the first the gladiator…I like to criticize other things that have happened before, but I honestly haven’t been the biggest fan of Roman Hollywood epics. They felt artificial and so when they asked me to think of the script… the script wasn’t very good.”

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“I love making small films”

However, the image was responsible for persuading him to plunge into this world again and release the second part to him the gladiator. The image in question is a painting where gladiators are about to meet their deaths at the Colosseum. “I want to show you something,” said the person who showed him the illustration, connecting For those who are about to die, by Jean Lone Grammy. Lift it up. It’s a picture of this large painting of the ColosseumAnd in the corner a man is about to skewer a poor bastard. He has this thing around his neck and is seeking permission to kill him.”

Scott was completely shocked by the image and the situation presented in the painting: “I was like, ‘Damn, it wasn’t done right before. Never. I didn’t tell him, I would. I told you you would?’ And I said yes. What if I want to read the script? I said no, And we got down to business, and developed the new material.” Scott then confirmed that he helped rework the script to prepare everything for filming. “It’s the picture that caught my eye. It was the smartest thing he could doShow me a picture because I’m a picture guy. I was like… my God. s. What a good idea. I will“.

“What a good idea. I will.”

David Scarpa, who writes with him kitbag About the life of Napoleon, he is the one who also started a screenplay Gladiator 2. For now, we can enjoy in cinemas in Gucci House November 26 at a complex in Spain.

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