December 4, 2021

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The Fifth Conference on Comprehensive Women's Health was held in Komodoro Rivadavia

The Fifth Conference on Comprehensive Women’s Health was held in Komodoro Rivadavia

This weekend, at the Ministry of Health, a new space for comprehensive medical examinations for women was created, on an open day for the community seeking to carry out early detection of diseases. This new day is in addition to those held in June, July, August and October.

Mayor Juan Pablo Luc’s proposal was implemented by a joint effort between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Women’s Affairs. Through the specialists, the former performs all medical studies such as laboratory, clinical, gynecological, ultrasound and mammography. Meanwhile, the second heads up the Accessibility Program for Sustainable Menstrual Management Products.

In the open initiative, 58 women participated in a screening cycle that included laboratory analyzes, clinical consultations and observation by gynecologists, with Pap smears in the latter case. In addition, there is an agreement with a private clinic to order a mammogram and mammogram. Likewise, they participated in a social survey, where they were informed about the rights and access to services provided by the different municipal areas.

The Minister of Health, Carlos Catala, noted that we have worked hard from the administration with regard to integrated women’s health. “Last year, we implemented five days, because we are interested in reaching the female population, who does not get annual check-ups either due to lack of social work or for various personal reasons, with a primary goal of contributing to prevention and above all to the early detection of diseases.”

Meanwhile, from the women’s secretariat, what is required is that after examination women can be informed and choose sustainable menstrual management methods, among which are reusable wipes and cup, bearing in mind that at present, monthly access to the products is very difficult due to its economic cost .

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