August 19, 2022

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Sony and TSMC have plans to fix the shortage of chips

Sony and TSMC have plans to fix the shortage of chips

A lack of chips can create some unexpected allies in Japan. According to Reuters reports, sources claim that Sony and TSMC”Taking into account theJoint establishment of a factory in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. TSMC It will have majority control, according to the informants, but the plant will operate on land Sony Near the company’s image sensor factory.

The Japanese government will reportedly cover up to half of the $7 billion investment. The factory will provide chips for cameras, cars and other items. This could be very beneficial for the millions of companies that have suffered after a chip shortage. Although it is not entirely clear how and when these companies will start.

Sony TSMC declined to comment, although TSMC previously said so Actively checking“Plan for an effort like that. It wouldn’t be surprising to set up a joint plant. Some analysts expect the global chip shortage to last until 2023, assuming demand doesn’t grow faster than expected.

This would help SonyAnd TSMC and Japan’s largest technology industry to recover from the shortage, not to mention it will add more stability. Can act as a cover: Japan, Sony, TSMC They will not have to worry about the tensions between China and the United States that threaten production in Taiwan.

The factory can be ready in time. Highly connected and semi-autonomous cars should be more common by 2024, and it’s no secret that cameras play an important role even on budget smartphones. A new plant can be critical to keeping these technologies going.