June 21, 2024

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Sony confirms that it will release more ports of PlayStation exclusives on PC

Sony confirms that it will release more ports of PlayStation exclusives on PC

despite of The Last of Us Part Onethe latest port of the PlayStation exclusive video game to hit PCs, didn’t quite go over well due to several technical and performance failures, Sony revealed that the fact that the games were published the first side On PC is still part of their strategy because They’re doing very well commercially. As stated by computer gamesIn the company’s fiscal year 2022 financial report, a series of figures were shared on “peripheral revenue, including PS VR2 and proprietary sales revenue.” the first side on platforms other than PlayStation consoles. ”

Unfortunately, It is impossible to say exactly how much revenue is generated solely from the PC ports, since “peripherals”, in addition to exclusive games released on other systems, include consoles, PS VR2, and other types of hardware. However, from the good numbers that you can see below, it is clear why Sony wants to continue betting on the release of its games on PC:

  • Chapter One: 60,478 yen ($443.6 million).
  • Second Quarter: 54,508 yen ($399.8 million).
  • Third quarter: 82,031 yen ($601.7 million).
  • the fourth chapter: 142,900 yen ($1,048 million).

The Last of Us port has a lot to improve

“We’re used to Sony making very good mods of their PC games that usually arrive very discreetly and optimized for our beloved keyboard-and-mouse platform. However, they only seem to miss one of their major titles, like that of Survivor. The last of us Who gets cordyceps at the worst moment, Which leaves us with a release with a few more patches in the future to fine-tune its performance., fixing bugs and allowing PC gamers to enjoy one of the most important games in recent PlayStation history. From Naughty Dog they have already apologized, issued two updates saying they are working hard to fix the issues. Let’s hope that it won’t take long and that all computer gamers can enjoy this great game as it deserves, ”we told you in our site analysis The Last of Us Part 1 for computers.

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