August 19, 2022

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South Africa won the historic match against New Zealand

South Africa won the historic match against New Zealand

The South Africans and New Zealanders put the game and emotion into a match they had not seen in a long time. Occupy a space inside 10 best matches in the history of rugby. Nothing saved. A total sample of what can be played. South Africa won the last match 31-29, but the applause goes to both. Thank you for the exhibition they gave to World Rugby.

Everyone had their own moment, At The first half was random New Zealand Shake hands with Button Barrett. Everyone exploited what they did best. When New Zealand came out decisive to move the ball, the world champions stuck to their game system: a lot of controversy in defense, contacts, and kicking down to give pressure.

To Lucanio Um recovered from the 22-meter rivals and threw an imaginary upside down for him. Attempt by Damien de Allende. Although a little small, the impact was not felt as they both did not reduce the intensity throughout the game New Zealand, Small details and the talents of its best players, He began to feel hard on the South Africans, and he paid more for every mistake.

The black band began to sound better when Button Barrett became the best person on his team: A kick-activated opening Service Reese for First Success And then broke the fort for him Attempt by RT Save. Excess, South Africa failed One of its best phases Tax And 5 meters from Incol Scott Barrett stole it Brad Weber turned it into an endeavor. The South African head coach did not want to wait until half time to see a change in attitude and after 38 minutes, he changed the entire front line. Greens can only add one Hendrey Pollard penalty go down 20-14.

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EThe filling came from South Africans They quickly found the tools to turn the scoreboard. They cornered the rival and soon started to get points Magsol Mappimbi and two sentences, one Honre Pollard and one Elton Jantges..

The export fight for sticks between the two began. With not much left to give, they both stuck to the basics of rugby so as not to lose the game. They noticed error and immorality because everyone knew that the game would be defined by a small detail. Jordie Barrett is 26 and 35 years old Changed New Zealand’s best moments To points. At 36 years old Elton Jantges Place the greens with Drop. Exit, fined and again Jordi Barrett left New Zealand. In the 79th minute the ball was stolen, the penalty and South Africa went to play for the 22m rivals: line, moul, 2 stage matches, Penalty and Elton Gonzalez give South Africa victory in the final act of the match.

One of us may have won itBecause, when they got the best performance, they were clearly able to beat their competitor. The first half of New Zealand and the completion of South Africa. A game that can not be seen every day. South Africa won To keep alive the flame of the match between the two teams, it allowed us to watch a great game on the Gold Coast.


South Africa (31) 15 Willie Le Rooks, 14 Spun Nokosi, 13 Lucanio Am, 12 Damien de Allende, 11 Magsol Mappimbi, 10 Huntre Pollard, 9 Faf de Clerk, 8 Duane Vermilon, 7 Quaca Smith, 6 Lia de Zigger (5) , 4 Eben Etsbeth,

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changes: PT: 38´ Malcolm Marx, Steven Kidschoff and Vincent Koch, Nché, Mbonambi and Nyakane. ST: 10´ Franz Stein Lou Roux, 8´ Elton Gonzீஸ்z Nkosi, 11´ Franco Mostard Lute de Jagger, 16´ Jasper Wise Coliseum, 26´ Herschel Gonzீஸ்z de Clerk.

New Zealand (29): 1. Joe Moody, 2. Cody Taylor, 3. Nebo Lalala; 4. Brady Ritalik, 5. Scott Barrett; 6. Akira Ayone, 7. RT Save (cap), 8. Luke Jacobson; 9. Brad Weber, 10. Futon Barrett; 11. Rico Ione, 12. David Haville, 13. Anton Leonard-Brown, 14. Service Reese; 15. Jordi Barrett.

changes: S.D. 26´ by Richie Mounga and Damien McKenzie, Button Barrett and Haville.

First time points: 5´ Attempt Damien de Allende (S), 9´ Penalty Jordi Barrett (NZ), 12´ Penalty Hon’ble Pollard (S), 13´ Service Reese (NZ), 24´ Penalty Hon’ble Pollard (S), 26´ RT Save’s Attempt Replaced by Jordi Barrett, try by 33´ Brad Weber (NZ).

Part End: New Zealand 20-14 South Africa.

Second time points: 5´ Hondra Pollard (S), 11´ Magsol Mappimbi Attempt de Elton Jondez (S), 37´ Penal de Jordi Barrett (New Zealand), 40´ Penal de Elton Jondez (S).

Warned: Not there.

Basketball Court: CBUS Stadium de Gold Coast, Australia.

Note: Matthew Carly (Ingladora).