June 12, 2024

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Spain suspended, first place for New Zealand / Olympic Games (M) / 1st round / T1 / SOFOOT.com

When France was secondly opened by Mexico

Spain did not know how to get out of the Egyptian net for the first match of the Group Olympics, which was calculated as a Group C. The goal-scoring draw ended this bitter match in scoring limited chances to thwart the Spanish attacks, who could have given Rafa Mir the win with a good title in the final minutes of the meeting. Poor performance, one of the favorites for the gold medal, also saw Oscar Minguse and Danny Cephalos lose and injured.

Group B, on the other hand, has a story with a capital H because New Zealand captured South Korea’s best (1-0) at the Olympics and won its first. Inevitably Chris Wood gave his team the win in the middle of the second period when it developed very cautiously into a 5-4-1 count, which was denied offside first at a goal and then verified using video aid. In the lowest relief pool of the competition (Honduras and Romania complete the group) South Korea appeared just above its rivals, already in danger.

In the fourth group of the tournament, C டிte d’Ivoire defeated Saudi Arabia, thanks to Frank Kessie, in favor of the elephants at 66Th A tasty line at the surface entrance. Slightly tense result for the game, Ivory Coast at least ten, after Maccabi winger Netanya Abubakar dropped Tambia – five minutes into the game. A good operation for the Ivorians, who should have identical grip points against them The German and Brazilian heroes – who finished this group – hope to qualify for the next round. Saudi Arabia has already returned to the wall in this match.

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New Zealand 1-0 South Korea

But: Wood (70e) For all whites

Spain 0-0 Egypt

Ivory Coast 2-1 Saudi Arabia

Goals: Al Amri (CSC) (39e) And Kesik (66)e) Cote d’Ivoire, Al Thawsari (44)e) To Saudi Arabia