December 4, 2021

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Spain - Sweden |  World Ranking: La Cartuja joins the temples of Spanish football

Spain – Sweden | World Ranking: La Cartuja joins the temples of Spanish football

TheThe Spanish team already has their tickets in order to be in World Cup Qatar, the first to play in an Arab country. his presence in World Cup 2022 He had to fight it until the last game, but against Sweden in La Cartuja, Spain celebrated its 16th place in the World Cup finals, 12 of them in a row. This dozen is a series in Europe that improves only Germany (current since 1950) and Argentina in the world (which has not lacked since 1970) and the only selection that can boast that it has been in all final stages, from 1930 to 2022, Brazil.

La Cartuja joins the stadiums where Spain celebrated its passage to the World Cup, which began in 1934.

World Ranking 2022: Summary and goal Spain 1-0 Sweden

El Lumiar in Lisbon

In a double match and in one week, from March 11-18, 1934, Spain qualified for the World Cup for the first time. After 9-0 in Madrid, I needed not to lose in Lisbon, because the goal difference did not matter. Two goals from Langara neutralized the first Portuguese goal. Spain was on its way to the World Cup finals in Italy, falling in the quarter-finals to the hosts.

Jamor citizen

Once again, the World Cup showdown, this time, Brazil 50, crossed its Iberian neighbors twice a week. On the way out, in Chamartín. Debuted by Molowy, who made it 5-1. More than a hundred radio stations gave the match to Brazil! And the Spanish team was greeted after the victory by the mayor of El Escorial, the place where the selection was focused.

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In the second leg, a genius from Ginza prevented seven minutes before the end of the match without breaking the tie. The match was followed by a live broadcast by Flavio Costa, coach of Brazil. Spain ended up touching as many players and throwing balls, as possible, to waste time. Spain ranked fourth in Brazil.


At the 1962 World Cup in Chile, it was Spain’s turn to play a match with the best team in Africa: Morocco. After the 0-1 win in Casablanca on the day Puskas made his Spain debut, the job ended with great difficulty in Chamartín (3-2) with the people of uas por el fuego and more than a party whistles.

The first stage was not passed in Chile.

Princes’ Garden

Spain went to the World Cup finals in England after a playoff in the group that was left in the hands of Ireland when Syria resigned. After their 4-1 win in Madrid and their previous 1-0 loss to Dublin, Spain avoided the crucial match by being in London to avoid massive support from the Irish. Played in Paris and decided by a goal from Ovarte.

Spain did not make it past the group stage.

Little Maracan

In Belgrade, on the last day of November, with a goal by Ruben Cano and a bottle day against Juanito, Espa closed its return to the World Cup after a 12-year absence. This game is part of the national team epics.

In Argentina he fell again in the first stage.

Suncheese Bizjoon

After the ruin of the World Cup in Spain, the selection of Miguel Moz was painfully rated for the 1984 Euros and the World Cup in Mexico. Betis stadium witnessed the team’s return from 0-1 in Iceland with two goals from Gordillo and Rinken in the last round.

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Spain was one step closer to the semi-finals in Mexico.


After failing to score the missing point against Ireland in Dublin, Spain did so in their penultimate match: against Hungary in Budapest. The score was 0-2, but in the absence of five minutes, the Hungarians tied. Another Hungarian goal made the final match, also against the Hungarians, a final. Did not arrive and Nervin was a party: 4-0. In Italy, he fell in the second round against Yugoslavia.

Suncheese Bizjoon

The most talked about game in the hours leading up to the duel with Sweden. For Denmark it was a point enough, but the iron target turned November 17, 1993 into another magical date between La Roja and Seville.

In the United States, the farewell came in quarters.

Fernando Hierro’s goal against Denmark that qualified Spain for the World Cup USA 94

Thylin Pole

Strong and dominant Spain in its group ended the World Cup qualifiers in France with two goals from Kiko and Amor against Slovakia in Bratislava. It was the penultimate day. However, the World Cup was a disaster and Spain left in the first stage.


Spain got Camacho’s ticket to Korea and Japan in Valencia. In Mestalla, on September 1, 2001, the passport stamp was 4-0 against Austria (which returned to Spain after 9-0 on the way to Euro 2000).

South Korea and the Gondor overtook Spain in the quarters.

Thylin Pole

In the 2006 World Cup, Spain again came from Bratislava. But this time he suffered more. Luis Aragonese’s side had to resort to the play-off after falling behind with Serbia. 5-1 in Madrid and 1-1 in Bratislava gave the pass.

Eight was the maximum in Germany.

Romano from Merida

With Euro 2008 in strength, Del Bosque’s selection qualified for the World Cup two days before finishing the group. He did so with a comfortable victory in Merida over Estonia (3-0). It was the passport to the glory of South Africa.

Carlos Belmonte

In the home of the Soccer City champion, Spain qualified for the World Cup in Brazil. After the important victory in Paris, Albacete witnessed Spain’s victory over Georgia in a match where one point was enough. Then the empire collapsed in Brazil in just two matches.

Rico Breeze

The match against Albania at the Rico Breeze Stadium was the last door, which opened wide against Italy with a 3-0 score at the Bernabeu. With the same result, against the Albanians, the presence in Russia was sealed.

What happened there happened and Spain boarded the plane back to Madrid after the round of 16.