August 19, 2022

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Spanish Chef Jose Andres has something to thank Katy Perry for |  Present

Spanish Chef Jose Andres has something to thank Katy Perry for | Present

WC Kitchen is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded by Spanish Chef Jose Andres In 2010. That year, an earthquake devastated Haiti and did not want to sit idly by and started working.

Founded this organization for Providing meals for everyone who suffers from natural or other disasters. Hence, he is now focusing on Ukraine where he has set up several kitchens to support the victims of a country being devastated.

Also in the last few hours Go to Afghanistan in crisis after the earthquake On the twenty-fourth of last June, he killed 155 children.

“We always make food…but often water too! The WCKitchen team is in Afghanistan with our local partners Delivering clean water to earthquake-affected villages… The situation is bad: the UN brought tents and cash vouchers, but there is no place to buy food and the houses are destroyed … So we have two kitchens! “

Katy Perry joins

A social business he started, but in which many other people collaborate. Everyone contributes what they can and Katy Perry She is the one who decided to join their cause.

“RING DING DONG🛎 Erm… Did you see my wild fashion in @Justeatdk’s ad? To raise money for WCKitchen – an amazing charity that works hard to fight hunger and deliver fresh meals to places in crisis. Give some of my favorite outfits from the photo shoot!”, the singer shared on the networks to announce her campaign.

We recently saw her in a JusEat ad where she’s dressed up so appetizing and colorful that she can now belong to anyone who wants to.

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“So! You can also enjoy snacks in the bathtub with this lettuce bra🛁 With the satisfaction of raising money for a great cause! ♥️”, keep encouraging everyone to get involved.

In order to get one of his suits you have to do it Donate money Organized by Jose Andres. On our newest TV spot, Katy Perry flaunts a whole new world of flavour. p We give you the chance to get a piece that the California girl herself would use. Not only can you spice up your wardrobe, but each outfit comes with a personalized message from Katie. All ticket proceeds will go to World Central Kitchen, a charity dedicated to providing meals in response to humanitarian, climate and community crises.

And, of course, through this cooperation, the Spanish chef can only be grateful. “And you didn’t invite me to the set? 😂😂thanks sister! WCKitchen and people in many parts of the world thank you! ‘ replied Katie.

Didn’t you feel like collaborating?