December 9, 2023

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Spawn: The reboot will be “Blumhouse’s version” of the superhero movie

Spawn: The reboot will be “Blumhouse’s version” of the superhero movie

Spawn is a Todd McFarlane creation that first premiered on the big screen in 1997.

During the past decade and a half, Blumhouse It has become one of the most prominent studios in the independent field and has achieved notable successes in the field of cinema. However, the company Jason Blum Now she is also keen to explore the world of superheroes with the long-awaited reboot Spawn.

Hero created by Todd McFarlane He made his animated debut in 1992 and got a film adaptation five years later, in 1997. After talks for a sequel failed, McFarlane It began developing the reboot in 2007. The project passed through many hands before finding a home in Blumhouse In 2017.

First draft of the script Spawn Developed by himself McFarlanebut was followed by a series of rewrites, most recently by Scott Silver (joker) And Malcolm Spellman (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier). Earlier this month, Jason Blum They confirmed that they are still planning to release the film in 2025.Spawn will be released in 2025said the producer while promoting The exorcists: the believers. “I kept it. I kept it“, he added.

Moreover, the person responsible for Blumhouse He expressed that the studio’s first iteration of a superhero film will have its distinctive stamp on other productions of the genre. “I’ll give the Blumhouse touch to the Spawn movie. It will be exciting and innovative compared to other superhero movies. It will definitely feel like a Blumhouse version of a superhero movie“, he admitted at a press conference at New York Comic Con.

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Months ago, Creator Spawn He acknowledged that there was great progress in the story, and that before the writers’ strike there were still about 30 pages that had not been completed. In terms of talent involved, in 2018, the Oscar winner for the biopic of… Ray Charles, Jamie Foxx, signed on to star in the film. Later, Jeremy Renner He joined as a co-star, but so far it’s not clear if he’s an actor hook Remains involved in the project.