April 13, 2024

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“Spy x Family” Bible: Anya, Yor and Loid Forger Secrets Revealed

“Spy x Family” Bible: Anya, Yor and Loid Forger Secrets Revealed

The first half of 2024 is an intense stretch for the Forger family. While the long-awaited Chapter 95 is finalizing its publication details, it will not debut on the big screen until next April 19. But the February leaf was not torn from the calendar in vain. On the 29th, Ivrea's editorial relaunched what we might call the “Spy x Family” bible.a unique volume in which the motivations and features of each of the main characters in the manga are discovered.

The dust jacket reveals an alternative cover that doesn't shy away from the series' signature humor.

“Spy x Family: Eyes Only – Official Data Book”, the secrets of the Forge family come to light

“Spy x Family: Eyes Only – Official Databook” is a unique volume aimed squarely at fans of the adventures of Anya, Yor, and Lloyd. Its dimensions are identical to the rest of the posts in the series; It's a great complement and shows tremendous passion for the work. Tatsuya Endo himself signed the information contained therein. It is not a fan compilation at any time: it has the approval of its creator, and he even intervenes by contributing unpublished material.

When you open the volume you will find a double-sided foldout featuring the cover of this collection and an illustration of Anya. The first section consists of about 22 pages, which are full-color pages in which a good portion of the covers and special drawings provided by the author appear since March 2019. Like the ones seen in the original releases in Shonen Jump+.

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From that moment on, each character begins to be reviewed in detailed profiles that provide interesting data. Without going into details, all the winks and traits of the family and those around them are captured here. There's even a section that briefly reviews the key moments of the quests (chapters) they've completed so far. The sections of this section are divided according to the importance of the characters, from the members of the Forger family to those who are part of the “common people” (Damian Desmond, Becky Blackwell…) in “Spy x Family”. The universe, as the author calls it.

The final extension entry comes in the most premium segment of the volume due to the value it offers. A large number of artists and mangaka from the Japanese scene contribute drawings that reinterpret the Forger family in their distinctive style.. Big names appear, such as Yusuke Nomura (“Blue Lock”), Yoshiyuki Nishi (“Muhyo and Roji's Supernatural Intelligence Office”) and Kazue Kato (“Blue Exorcist”), among others. The Spanish version takes into account the artists' comments in the drawings, and has been translated while maintaining the style in which they were originally captured in Japanese.

The collaboration is expanded upon through an in-depth interview with Endo himself directed by Hiroyuki Nishimori, a popular successful manga artist currently publishing “Kanakana.” The “Spy. The direct encounter allows the conversation to flow, leading to different topics that contribute to the emotional mystery that this work means to its creator.

A must for fans

“Spy x Family: Eyes Only – Official Databook” is an essential volume for true manga fans. At hand are all the elements that make up each facet that defines mission after mission in one of the greatest series of the moment. But it doesn't stop there: between the colorful pages and the interview with its creator, the group creates a collection that is considered a reference when consulting about the world of “Spy x Family”. It is now available in stores at the recommended price of 12 euros.

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