July 14, 2024

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‘Squid’ achieves new growth for Netflix subscribers, increases its revenue by 83%

‘Squid’ achieves new growth for Netflix subscribers, increases its revenue by 83%

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Netflix reported net profit from $1449 million (1245.9 million euros) In the third quarter of 2021, an increase of 83% over the previous quarter, according to the results provided by the company.

league squid game This data was partially blamed for becoming the most successful series in platform history in flow. In addition, it has caused Netflix to surpass all expectations of new subscribers.

This brings the company’s third-quarter income to $7,483.5 million (6,434.7 million euros), an increase of 16.3%. While it was in the entire first nine months of 2021, Net profit 4,508.8 million (3,874.3 million euros)More than double that in the same period last year after posting an increase of 19.8%.

On the other hand, income-related costs rose 8.7%, to $4,206.6 million (€3617.1 million), while spending on marketing 635.9 million (546.8 million euros), 20.5%, and the technology and development item saw an increase of 24.3%, to 563.9 million (484.9 million euros). General and administrative costs amounted to 321.8 million (276.7 million euros), an increase of 18.5%.

Above expectations

Regarding the number of new subscribers between July and September, Netflix added 4.38 million, Compared to the 3.5 million she estimated to have achieved. In this way, the company’s total subscribers reached 213.56 million, up 9.4% from last year.

It is clear that most of these new subscribers came from its international markets. In the United States and Canada, they added 73,000 new subscribers, for a total of 74.02 million; While in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, 1.8 million people joined Netflix, reaching 70.5 million subscribers.

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While in Latin America, the company recorded 38.98 million subscribers, accounting for 330,000 new additions in the quarter, while in Asia Pacific it recorded 2.18 million new payment users, reaching 30.05 million.

Nationally, it should be remembered that Netflix has just announced its third price increase. The standard price is increased by 1 euro up to 12.99 euros per month, The premium rises to 17.99 euros. The base will remain at 7.99 euros.