May 21, 2024

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Starfield now supports DLSS, FG, HDR, and more with beta patch 1.8.83 only on Steam

Starfield now supports DLSS, FG, HDR, and more with beta patch 1.8.83 only on Steam

We announced it last week and today it became a reality: it took nearly two months for the developers at Bethesda Game Studios to deliver initial support for many expected technologies like DLSS in their stellar game, as well as other promised technologies like the option to eat quickly that were not implemented as promised.

Of course, for all this to become official, we will have to wait until the end of the month or choose to force the installation of the new patch 1.8.83, which is in beta mode, and to do this we must follow several steps described in his notes.

Patch 1.8.83 of the game includes more new features than any other patch released for the game, and even the sum of the three hotfixes available so far does not reach the changes included in the new patch, which shows that we must be very patient if we buy games at some point. Beta or even alpha state in some cases is more disastrous than this.

The most notable new features of the new patch are support for DLSS, DLAA, and Frame Generator for NVIDIA RTX cards, the latest logically only for the RTX 40, and also NVIDIA Reflex. Other promises of Bethesda have been fulfilled and the possibility of adjusting brightness and contrast has been added, as well as adjusting the HDR brightness if we have a compatible system (they say Windows 11). It seems that the possibility of having a button to eat has become the ability to choose to eat/drink instantly when any food is found.

There are other interesting items since performance and stability issues, visual issues, memory leaks, and of course, a few problems in the quests have been patched, so it seems to be a good patch for everyone and if we’re not in a hurry we’ll do it, we can enjoy it at the end of the month On all platforms: Microsoft Store, Game Pass, or Xbox. As we said, Steam users can act as guinea pigs by forcing a patch.

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The installation process is below:

You can now sign up for the Starfield beta on Steam, allowing PC players to try out the upcoming Starfield update in a separate beta of the game before the update is released to all players on Xbox and PC later this year.

  • If you want to try the Starfield beta update, follow these steps:
    1. Open your Steam library and search for Starfield.
    2. Right click on the Starfield and select Properties.
    3. In the Properties window that pops up, select Betas.
    4. From the Trial version drop-down menu, select [beta].
    5. Wait for the application to download and start the new version.

Note: Starfield Steam Beta is a separate version of the game and will require a separate download. You’ll be able to continue your last save, but saves created in the beta won’t work in the live game until the update is available.

If you participated and want to let us know what you think, head over to the #steam-beta-feedback channel on our official Discord server.

thanks for playing!

The list of changes for patch 1.8.83 is as follows:

Nvidia DLSS support
This update implements Nvidia DLSS support for our PC drivers. Eligible Nvidia graphics cards can now use DLSS Supersolution, Deep Learning Antialiasing (DLAA), Nvidia Reflex Low Latency, and DLSS Frame Generation.

To eat!
Due to popular demand, we’ve added the ability to eat foods and drinks when they’re in the environment. You can enjoy your pieces right away or save them for later. Choose you.

  • Performance and stability:
    • Fixed several issues and memory leaks.
    • [Solo PC] Several performance optimizations have been integrated for graphics cards which will be especially noticeable on high-end cards.
    • [Solo PC] The display threading model has been improved, resulting in more efficient processor usage on high-performance systems.
    • Various stability and performance improvements.

  • Game:
    • Added the ability to consume food items found in the environment.
    • Stealth mechanics have been modified to reduce difficulty slightly.
    • Fixed an issue where Andreja’s head would always remain covered.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented players from firing their weapons.
    • Fixed issues that resulted in some NPCs not wearing clothes.
    • Fixed an issue where progression of skill challenges already in progress would stop after reaching unity and starting a new game.
    • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent you from opening your inventory or saving your game after entering Unity.
    • [Solo PC] Fixed an issue that caused the cursor to move comically.
    • Fixed a rare issue that could cause the flagship to be lost.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Marine Service Technicians to disappear.

  • Graphics:
    • Fixed an issue affecting ambient occlusion at Ultra Resolution.
    • The initial shader compilation that occurs when starting the game has been improved.
    • Added the ability to adjust brightness and contrast in the display settings menu.
    • Added the ability to adjust HDR brightness as long as the system supports it (Xbox and Windows 11 only).
    • Many materials have been reviewed that could, under certain circumstances, be presented in an undesirable manner.
    • Fixed several visual errors associated with controls in the new field of view.
    • The aesthetics of public figures’ eyes have been improved.
    • Fixed several minor visual issues related to lighting, shadows, terrain, and plants.

  • Missions:
    • What Money Can Buy: Fixed a rare issue that prevented players from sitting in negotiations with Musgrove.
    • Blast Zone: Fixed an issue where solid boulders that players must clear would not appear in Ngodup Tate’s range.
    • Echoes of the Past: Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent you from reaching the Griloba Queen during the objective of securing the shuttle dock.
    • Eye of the Storm: Fixed an issue that caused the docking message to disappear, potentially interrupting quest progress.
    • Crusher Quest: Fixed an issue that would block progression if the Supra et Ultra was completed while returning to the inn at a high price.
    • No sudden movements: Fixed an issue where the door on Scow’s ship would stop opening.
    • Star Implantation: Fixed an issue where the key required to exit the facility would sometimes not appear.
    • Subversion: Fixed an issue where David Barron could sometimes not be found.
    • Myopia: Fixed an issue where players could rarely control their character when talking to Vladimir.
    • Heart of Mars: Fixed an issue where players were sometimes unable to extract resources.
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