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Statement issued by Gloria Camila on the anniversary of the death of Rocío Jurado

Statement issued by Gloria Camila on the anniversary of the death of Rocío Jurado

11-16-2021 Gloria Camila did not miss the 10th anniversary of the musical “The Lion King” EUROPE SPAIN SOCIETY

18 years ago Spain mourns the death Rocio Jurado. The singer died on June 1, 2006 after failing to overcome pancreatic cancer, which she fought for nearly two years. Her family and fans gathered on Saturday in the city of Chipiona in Cádiz, the place where the greatest woman was born, to honor her on the anniversary of her death.

On the occasion of the commemoration, the Rocio Jurado Cultural Association organized a mass in which Gloria Camila was the main protagonist. The previous events were carried out by the municipal council, which, as in previous years, held a session Crown At the singer’s tomb Like a wave.

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The event began in memory of Jurado with a mass in Sanctuary of Our Lady of Regla, to which she was very loyal. The church was attended by Jose Ortega Cano, his sister Mari Carmen, Gloria Mohedano and her husband, Jose Antonio, and David Flores. The big absentee was Gloria Camilla, who from her profile Instagram He explained that he was on his way to take the university exam.

Mahidano family honored (Europe Press)

On the occasion of the anniversary, Gloria Camila praised her mother on this important date for her and her family and seized the opportunity Throw in some joke. “Saturday, as many of you know, is my mother’s anniversary. She is 18 years old… Like every year, the ‘elder’ RJ Society will remember her by holding a mass in the sanctuary of the Virgin Mary at 11:00. Then visit the shrine.”

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Although his words did not stop there Later the message arrived Which He threw his sister And the mayor of Chipionero. “It’s open to the public. And you know, no matter how much some, including the mayor of Chipiona, insist that I not be her daughter, I am a daughter “And also the president of the association,” he said proudly as well.

Last year, Rocio Carrasco’s relationship with the association seemed to give some success An unexpected turn After years of estrangement, reconciliation seemed on the horizon. One of the organization’s publications said: “Thank you to Rocio Carrasco and the company that decorated it on the occasion of the seventeenth anniversary of her passing.” Some statements that surprised everyone from then until now relationship It was between the two parties void.

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The singer’s eldest daughter took over Supervision Everything related to Image And His mother’s legacy In the last years. Carrasco is responsible for reviewing and approving any content, event or project that mentions or relates to his mother.

It is a duty that he fulfills categorically, to some extent, as the magazine indicates weekSome sugars that were to be distributed in Chipiona with a translator That manFinally they could not see the light. Fidel Albiac’s wife opposed the plans of Ortega Cano and Gloria Camila and put an end to them Call his lawyer. The sisters, who separated a few years ago, do not seem to have any intention of reconciling.

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