July 1, 2022

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Steam Deck: Drivers are now available to install for Windows

Steam Deck: Drivers are now available to install for Windows

It is not yet possible to switch between the operating system and the special device interface

Steam is the leading digital platform for PC: the download game offering every developer needs. Hence the launch
steam surface Valve, who is in charge of those responsible, has raised huge expectations among those who have added thousands of earned titles.

We are talking about a portable console on which the vast majority of the Steam catalog can be played, the first units of which began to be sent to buyers. The device, which is designed as a mini-computer, allows you to install Windows from this very moment, after the necessary drivers are available for it.

Here’s what Valve’s official website announced: “Did we tell you that Steam Deck is for PC? And like any computer, you can install other apps and operating systems if you like. If you are interested in installing Windows, you will need some additional drivers to get the best result. Links to these drivers, as well as some notes on installing Windows on Steam Deck, are available here:
Windows Resources for Steam Deck».

However, there are a few notes to keep in mind, such as the fact that audio ‘drivers’ have not yet been released, which will prevent the use of the device’s headphones or speakers: “You can also use Bluetooth or USB-C audio devices with Windows on Deck ».

Likewise, it is not yet possible to use Windows 11 or to switch between the operating system and the Steam Deck interface itself, since both possibilities are being worked on.

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Steam Deck is available in three configurations (64, 256, and 512GB storage), with an expected delivery date for current orders in the third quarter of the year.