July 14, 2024

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Steiner celebrates they forgot Mazepine

Steiner celebrates they forgot Mazepine

The first steps in formula 1 of Nikita Mazepin After announcing their signing for Haas at the end of the 2020 season, they were not without controversy on social media.

Few remember Mazepine

The Russian driver has received a standing ovation from F1 netizens, who have criticized his poor behavior on and off the track. The trigger was undoubtedly A video posted by Mazepin on his Instagram In the winter he was shown groping a model in the back cabin of a car.

After the uproar that broke out in social networks, the woman herself publicly declared that they were friends. However, the damage has already been done and the Internet has turned against Nikita. Fortunately for him and for the team HassBit by bit, Mazepin’s controversial positions are becoming more and more.

It’s too good that he’s no longer in those titles. It seemed like an endless storyGunther Steiner declared in this regard: “As soon as they started to disappear, things calmed down. But I guess they haven’t completely disappearedThe President of the American Temple added.

The Haas crew chief is pleased that Nikita has begun creating news stories that relate more to his performance on the track than to his personal affairs:People have seen that he is not the person they thought‘, set up.

In the same way, steiner He admitted that he did not develop a direct relationship with the controversial Russian pilot until negotiations with his father began. Dmitriy Mazepin, so that his son could run with Haas for 2022 thanks to the large financial outlay: “I didn’t meet him until September or October of last year, so I didn’t know the boy. But when I met him I said: “People think what is not.”The Italian director was judged.

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