December 4, 2021

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Stewart launches "delivery" service in Seville, Malaga and Bilbao |  comp

Stewart launches “delivery” service in Seville, Malaga and Bilbao | comp

Stewart, one of the leading companies in Connecting In Spain, along with Uber Eats and Glovo, it continues to expand its business in Spain. Having recently launched the service in Zaragoza and Valencia, the GeoPost subsidiary (Seur owner and director of the French postal service La Poste) has landed in Seville, Malaga and Bilbao. The new operations expand its coverage in Spain to more than one and a half million people, already serving nearly 11 million people in seven cities, and are also present in Madrid and Barcelona.

Stewart says he’s made a “solid investment” to do this expansion, which will continue into 2022, though he doesn’t detail that number. It shows that this movement comes after the pandemic favored digital commerce, driving the digital transformation of businesses in Spain for five years, according to the Spain Digital Society 2020-2121 report. It is also progressing in its intention to reach Alicante, Palma, Donosti, A Coruña, Vigo, Murcia and Granada, “although everything will be characterized by great customer needs and market opportunities”.

The company notes that it has recorded nearly 50% growth in its sales over the past year and that it has tripled the volume of packages sent since 2019, although again it doesn’t provide concrete data. “The year 2021 was a milestone in Stewart’s career in Spain. We have demonstrated our participation and commitment to the Spanish market by opening new operations, which translate into better customer service and a larger number of employees,” notes Elias Allali, Stewart’s Chief Operating Officer.

The company said last August, with the entry into force of the law riders, that it had more than 300 delivery drivers working and that its plan was to increase the average number of dozens per week. The company insists that the law “does not reflect the needs of digital platforms or the needs of workers themselves,” but argues that it is “doing everything it can to adapt to the new regulatory framework.”

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Stewart’s commitment to the Spanish market is also reflected in the hiring of office workers, which rose 88.5% in one year, from 61 to 115 workers.

Stewart facilitates commercial chains, E-Commerce And local businesses offer home delivery in less than 30 minutes (or even in 15-minute intervals) under their own brand. “You only pay for the contracted shipment cost and no commissions of any kind, unlike marketsThe company has gone from having a presence in 14 cities in just three countries in 2018 to operating today in 113 cities in Spain, France, the UK, Poland and Portugal.