December 1, 2021

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Summary New Zealand 12-27 Fiji 2020 in Tokyo | 07/29/2021

11:00 AM4 months ago

Full time

The match ended with Fijian Rugby becoming the 7th Olympic champion, beating New Zealand 12-27. Great game for the Fiji team, their rivals have no choice. Congratulations on the gold.

10:58 AM4 months ago

Judgment in Fiji

If he is not convicted, Nacuqu is now sentencing, thanks to a penalty goal that added three points to the scoreboard. It’s going to be 12-27.

10:58 AM4 months ago

In the second half

In this fourth minute of the second half, Fiji’s Duvivaka performed a test to put a twelve point lead in the match. Fiji seizes gold …

10:50 AM4 months ago

The first half

The first half of the game ends, the last two games were good for New Zealand, they added seven points, one try (Molia) and one change thanks (Knewstubb). 12-19 for Fiji.

10:48 AM4 months ago

Two more for Fiji

Transferred Fiji inside, they added two more points to Polaca, 5-19 on the scoreboard.

10:48 AM4 months ago

Fiji does not offer options

When New Zealand tried to react, thanks to Vinicolo, Fiji got an attempt worth five points. They increase their lead to 5-17 by twelve points.

10:47 AM4 months ago

First points for New Zealand

Rehearsal for Charcoal-led New Zealand reduced to five points. The game continues 5-12.

10:38 AM4 months ago

Change for Fiji

They added two more points with a goal from Pollack. The score is 0-12.

10:36 AM4 months ago

Fiji goes ahead

The first Test for Fiji in the first minute of the match was won by Ternelaki. 0-5 on the scoreboard.

10:33 AM4 months ago

The meeting begins

The Rugby 7 final at the Olympics begins, with New Zealand facing Fiji. Who will hang the gold?

8:40 AM4 months ago

Do not depart from here to follow New Zealand vs Fiji Live

8:35 AM4 months ago

How to watch New Zealand vs Fiji live?

8:30 AM4 months ago

What time is the New Zealand vs Fiji match?

8:25 AM4 months ago

Special Player – Fiji

8:20 AM4 months ago

Special Player – New Zealand

8:15 AM4 months ago

Results – Fiji

8:10 AM4 months ago

Results – New Zealand

8:05 AM4 months ago

Fiji wants the championship twice

There is no doubt that the Fiji team is on the verge of winning gold. Like his rival, he destroyed his rivals, but the last “stone” was nothing more. All blacks.

8:00 AM4 months ago

New Zealand wants to seize the throne from Fiji

The New Zealand team showed their preference in the match and advanced to the final without defeat. There will be a tough test for him, where he will have to beat the champion to get the gold yes or no.