June 20, 2024

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SUPRA develops its own components for high specification lamps in our country

SUPRA develops its own components for high specification lamps in our country

It is a pleasure to find a Mexican manufacturer that has the ability and intention to develop its own technology. the group Supralocated in Monterrey, is successfully implemented.

With over 35 years in the market, Supra It is an example of growth in both sales, investment and product portfolio. An example is that the group has just opened two new production plants in Monterrey, one for the manufacture of high-efficiency LEDs, and the other for printed electronic components, using SMT and PTH technology.

New lighting station Supra It covers an area of ​​12,300 square meters and provides more than 200 job opportunities. In the new facilities, more than 600 orders are processed per month for lighting products that comply with national and international standards; In addition, it is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

The group’s electronic components production plant is known as Selective assemblyIn these facilities, in addition to supplying electronic components to the company’s lighting factories, they can serve other customers in various industrial fields (telecommunications, automotive, medical, etc.), and not just lighting. in this way, Supra Participates in the opportunities created with the industrial model Close to the beach.

“El poder controlar la parte electrónica de la luminaria hace que SUPRA sea altamente competitivo en todo el proceso de fabricación y garantizar la calidad de sus productos”

With the production of luminaires made in Mexico, Supra Controls the entire manufacturing process and components. Being located in Mexico also gives them the opportunity to provide prompt technical support and competitive pricing to give their customers the best return on investment.

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Supra It produces and markets high-efficiency LEDs, one of the best examples being the HBX high-mount luminaire, which offers an efficiency of up to 200 lm/W and is ideal for replacing fluorescent or metal additive technology lamps, improving electricity efficiency. up to 70%

“El grupo no solo es líder en iluminación  industrial, la tecnología y desarrollo de productos de la empresa lo tienen a la vanguardia en aplicaciones especiales y alumbrado público”

To ensure compliance with optical standards, Supra It has various testing equipment, including an Ulbricht field for measuring luminous flux, efficiency, color rendering index, power factor, current, voltage and real power.

Brand portfolio Supra It is complemented by other lines such as op lightingFor the retail market, Claret With architectural and decorative calligraphy, Supra Solarspecialized in photovoltaic systems, in all of which the company’s vocation of energy efficiency and environmental care is maintained.