August 16, 2022

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Surat new acquisition offer, price improvement and 5% increase

Surat new acquisition offer, price improvement and 5% increase

Bogota – The Gilinsky family does not give up. After acquiring 25.25% of Grupo Sura, it launched a new takeover offer that it hopes will become the company’s largest shareholder.

He launched a new takeover offer, now he will pay $9.88 per share and expects to sell between 5% and 6.25% of the company.

The first OPA expired on January 11th and will eventually pay out $977.7 million for more than 118 million shares.

Last Tuesday, January 11, their first takeover offer for shares of Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana expired, as it was speculated that GEA Cali bankers will be barred from entering the company with legal maneuvers, but they were eventually granted shares on Friday.

Those who didn’t sell out in the first attack by the Gilionskis would have a new option to sell at a higher price and a lower probability of failure, as they would only be looking for 5% more.

The premium is 23% for those who sold in the first OPA.

And just as there is now a new takeover offer for Surat, doubts are emerging as to whether there will also be a new takeover offer for Nutresa shares, as it has been more than 20% away from achieving the 50.1% it was looking for. At least.

At the moment, in three days those who have already sold will be paid, and next week there may be a new wave of surprises on the Colombian stock market.

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