May 16, 2022

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Suzuki was fined $2,280 million for violating the free competition law

Suzuki was fined $2,280 million for violating the free competition law

The Industry and Commerce Supervisory Authority announced that, as the sole authority in matters of free competition, it has sanctioned Suzuki Motor de Colombia with a fine of more than $2,280 million for violating the free competition regime.

The authority confirmed that the fine was imposed because it was proven that at least from 2011 until 2019, The company has restricted the collective participation of bidders In general selection processes for the sale of motorcycles, preventive and corrective maintenance with the supply of spare parts.

Similarly, super industry imposed Fines totaling $2,574 million on eight natural personsAssociated with the company, and where there are senior managers, because anti-competitive behavior has been tolerated, carried out, facilitated, cooperated or authorized.

Fines are imposed for condoning, carrying out, facilitating, cooperating with, or authorizing competition conduct. – Photo: Photo: SuperIndustry

The supervisory body initiated the administrative procedure as a result of the complaint lodged by the Bogotá Provincial Supervision Office on September 16, 2015, where Deplores the possibility of a restrictive competition practice by Suzuki In the short selection process for the reverse auction FVS-SASI-004-2015, conducted by the Bogotá Monitoring and Security Fund.

The Superintendency of Industry and Commerce decided that Suzuki implemented a trade policy that prohibited both dealers belonging to its distribution network in Colombia and outside marketers, Participate freely in the contracting processes carried out by the various public entities for the sale of motorcycles Preventive and corrective maintenance with supply of spare parts.

In fact, it was found that Suzuki has implemented oversight of members of its distribution network, while retaining the ability to decide which of them may or may not participate in a particular selection process. Likewise, it has implemented procedures in order to exclude bidders from said processes who were not part of its distribution network.

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In this regard, the super industry has confirmed this, bearing in mind that the subject of the considered operations It consists exclusively of the sale of Suzuki motorcycles and after-sales services Maintenance and spare parts, “in-brand” competition between various suppliers of these goods and services was necessary for the contracting entities to obtain the best prices.

The Superintendency of Industry and Commerce also instructed Suzuki to design and implement a compliance program that meets all requirements set forth in law to establish good practices for the protection of free competition, in order to The company establishes relationships of trust with all stakeholdersKeeping your business name and reputation high and facilitating the achievement of your strategic and corporate goals.

Hidroituango fined $5,133 million for irregularities in project work

The National Environmental Licensing Authority (Anla) has announced that Sociedad Hidroituango is environmentally responsible for the charges brought on May 8, 2018 for violations filed in the framework of the construction of the hydroelectric project, and therefore a fine of over 5133 million pesos has been imposed.

The irregularities found by Anla after her investigation consist in the fact that the Hidroituango Association Environmental management measures stipulated in the license granted for hydropower plant development have not been implemented.

Business progress in Hidroituango.  Pictures: EPM
The Egyptian Company for Pharmaceutical Industries confirmed that the facts that motivated this punishment are, in its opinion, the responsibility of the building contractor for the project. – Photo: Photos: EPM

These measures relate to Handle and dispose of residual drilling materials appropriately From the construction of the Puerto Valdivia-Presa road, as well as the formation of the deposits of La Planta and Cachirimé less than thirty meters from the left bank of the Cauca River.

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Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM) asserted that the facts that motivated this punishment were, in her view, Responsibility of a construction contractor for a hydropower project. Likewise, he said that given Anla’s decision to impose this millionaire fine, the administrative appeal and necessary legal action will be lifted.

Hidroituango’s total capacity will be 2,400 megawatts and will meet 17% of Colombia’s energy demand. After four years of emergency introduced by the project, the first two generations, each of 600 megawatts, are expected to be operational before November 30, 2022.