August 14, 2022

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Sydney McLaughlin breaks world record in 400m hurdles

Sydney McLaughlin breaks world record in 400m hurdles

    American athlete Sydney McLaughlin multiply the 400m hurdles world record By achieving time 51.41 seconds In the US National Championshipswhich is held in Eugene (Oregon, USA).

    McLaughlin outdone herself with her previous record set too (51.46 at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics). In fact, He has broken the world record in his last three finals.

    American two Olympic gold medalsS (400m hurdles, 4×400) and will attempt to crown the world champion at the World Championships in Athletics in Eugene from July 15-24.

    McLaughlin, at only 22 years old, was the great protagonist and his audition closed the third day programme. With a great salad and amazing poise, the New Jersey barrier Dominate the race from the start And he didn’t back down in the last stage to set a new world record. His score of 51.41 is four seconds short of the minimum required for the World Cup (55.40).

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    Once the race was over, the player told NBC that she was “extremely grateful” for this new landmark. He also stressed that, along with his countrymen Britton Wilson (second with 53.08) s Shamir (third with 53.92), will try to “represent the United States” as much as possible at the World Cup finals in July, and said it is hoped that all three will take the podium.

    With this new record, McLaughlin cemented himself as one of the world’s greatest athletics sensations. In addition to the two gold medals she won in Tokyo 2020, the American record includes one gold in the 4×400 and one silver in the 400-meter hurdles at the 2019 Doha World Championships.

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    Alison Felix Says Goodbye to ‘Trials’

    McLaughlin’s brilliant show left the rest of the penultimate day playing in Hayward Field Eugene, the same stadium where the World Cup will be held. For this date the top three of each test are ranked for the US Championship.

    in the women’s 400m dash, Talitha Diggsthe 19-year-old and college champion, took the win (50.22) Before Kendall Ellis (50.35) and Lena Irby (50.67). in sixth place at 51.24 secondsLegendary has arrived Alison Felixthe winner of 11 Olympic medals (including 7 gold) and who, aged 36, announced last April that she would be retiring at the end of this season.

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    with absence Nia AliThe winner of the Doha World Cup 2019, winning the 100 meters hurdles was for Kenny Harrisonwho holds the world record (12.20 in 2016) and narrowly wins (12.34 seconds) a Alicia Johnson (12.35). Alia Armstrong (12.47) Complete the podium in the race that Harrison earned Best time of the year.

    in 1500 metersAnd the Sinclair Johnson take win (4: 03.29) Before Corey McGee (4:04.52) and Elle Saint-Pierre (4:05.14).

    For his part, the veteran Kara Winger36 years old, declared champion javelin One last try 64.26 meters The best mark in the cycle – the one he left behind Ariana Ince (60.43) and Avione Allgood-Whetstone (59.26). I was given a negative surprise Maggie Malone who holds the American record in this major (67.40) and the best world record for this year (65.73), but he failed on his three throws.

    also, Orji girlwho holds the American record for triple jump (14.92 in 2021), won (14.79 meters) suppose Tori Franklin (14.59) and Jasmine Moore (14.15).

    in the men’s finals, Michael Normangold in Tokyo 2020 in 4×400, shone in 400 meters dash with a sign 43.56 seconds It is the best record of the year. defeat norman Champion Allison (43.70) and Randolph Ross (44.17).

    for this part, Hillary Burr happened with 8: 15.76 victory in 3000 meters with obstacleswhich is a race in it Evan Jager (8:17, 29) and Benard Ketter (8:19, 16) They also went up to the podium. While Copper Terre (3:45.86) was the winner in 1500 meters Before Jonathan Davis (3:46.01) and Josh Thompson (3:46.07).

    in Pole Vault, Chris NielsenSilver in Tokyo 2020, was the winner by defeating 5.70 m On his first attempt as Luke Winder (5.70) and Andrew Irwin (5.60) They were ranked second and third, respectively.

    finally, rudy winkler, Who holds the American record in Hammer Throw (82.71 metres)He had to settle for second place against him Daniel Hogg. Haugh kicked off the throttle fully, with a first click of 80.18 meters (best career record), thus beating Winkler (78.33) s Alex Young (76.60).

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