August 19, 2022

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Festa Antoni Clapés, celebració de més de 30 anys d

teachers and friends

If he wasn’t at Resolís on Calle Tordera, he was at 68 on Calle Milà i Fontanals, and if not, a few meters away, on Bodega Marín. Far away, in the Taif Library. A week before the strict confinement, Ramon Mas and Ricard Planas, of Males Herbes, met on Verde Street, and were told by Victor Nobla that he was writing

Victor Nobla was an experimental musician, original theorist, writer of what we overlook, activist of what’s important, street poet, librarian for humans, theorist, brilliant programmer, cultural bomber, industrial composer, mystery metallurgist, illustrator, and connoisseur of dinosaurs. And many other things, so that an “unclassifiable” label was quickly attached to it. It was an indispensable and indivisible part of the Gràcia district. He passed away at the age of 63, in March 2020. No one can kick him out of social networks. We were still trapped.

The Correquintos for its places in Gràcia is a tribute to the late Víctor Nubla

Maria Fadel was with him at the Off LEM Festival. Alex Salvans talks about it in Managing Chaos: Scenes from the Counterculture in Catalonia 1973-1992 . At the end of showing this particular book at the cult, in 2018, after a few beers, Angle’s editor Rosa Ray tells Noble that she’ll have to write to some of the children she hasn’t had, to explain the world to them. He looked at her with a mixture of sarcasm and curiosity and what she was telling me, and it was all there. After his death, while Fadel and Salvans searched among his documents for these Brilliant CVs I was getting ready for Males Herbes, they found a file titled Letters to Maria . The text begins with reference to a comment someone made to him in a bookstore, in a presentation.

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On Wednesday, with just a few fireworks in the streets to be the day before Louisa, Males Herbes and Angle Corquintos staged across the places Nobla frequents. There were Enrique Casasís, Xavier Theros, Marti Sells, and many other poets and friends of the author, who read portions of these two books recently published after his death, conjuring and evoking him on their stages, at the door of the pub or on a chair. The alternate historical record might be for the dogs that were there too, but we’ll leave that for another occasion.

Nobla did not like the rain or the cold in Barcelona. He liked the heat. On Monday he would have enjoyed the awkwardness of the city. Due to the risk of showering, the second Emili Teixidor Prize was awarded to the first readers in a room adjacent to the inner courtyard of the Casa Mimosa Hotel. Finally not a drop fell, but the conditioning was appreciated. Following a foreword by La Galera editor, Pema Maymó, Valencian children’s literature author Irene Verde received an award Listen to the writing bush a story deemed “refreshing and exhilarating” by the jury, explains how libraries operate, turning them into a space of “unforgettable fun,” according to the verdict read by Fernandez’s bookseller.

Beer, water and blue-tinted non-alcoholic cocktails are served outside. There is live music. I see Enciclopèdia’s general manager, Joan Abella, and the label’s managing editor, Ester Pujol; There’s also Montse Ayats, Patrici Teixes, Silvia Rodriguez, Roser Zúñiga de Abacos, director of Setmana del Llibre in Catala, Cristina Domenech (the first woman in forty years), and Teixidor’s heiress, Lluís Fernández. author black pa He died ten years and only one day ago, and his spirit continues to spread reading among the younger ones with the award that bears his name.

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At half past seven, I go to another job. I don’t change streets, I go to Pau Clarisse to Una (when I pass the Documenta, I see that there are also people there, perhaps a reading club). There, in Bookeria, many poets, readers, colleagues and friends celebrate Festa Antoni Clapés, more than thirty years dedicated to publishing at Cafè Central and a life dedicated to poetry. For two hours, led by Steve Plantada, authors such as Sam Abrams, Rosa Font, Jordi Marugat, Odell Arque, Marc Romera, and others—many regular members of Originals—thank and congratulate Clapps from the stage or on screen for his work, translations, and generosity, “for undiminished humility.” working tirelessly without making a noise, to give life and path to the signs of others.” It’s very exciting, says the librarian, Iolanda Batallé. A few lines read from Joachim Carbo, aged ninety, recovering from Covid and unable to come. The party lasts until about 10 at night. I think of the teachers who are friends, how much they are loved and admired at the same time, and all that is learned from them.