June 23, 2024

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Telefónica improves home connectivity management for its customers with Microsoft Azure IoT – News Center

Telefónica improves home connectivity management for its customers with Microsoft Azure IoT – News Center

  • With its innovative Home Advanced Communication (HAC) system based on Microsoft’s cloud solution, Telefónica improves the management of more than 10 million people Routers local.
  • HAC simplifies and accelerates connection management, allowing Telefónica to process 6.5 billion signals per day to detect anomalies, anticipate incident resolution and remote configuration Routers And facilitate their self-administration.
  • The Microsoft Cloud provides Telefónica with the capacity, flexibility and security needed to scale up to 20 million devices in the coming years, as well as rapidly develop and deliver new value-added services to its customers.

Microsoft has provided a Success condition To use its cloud infrastructure in cooperation with Telefónica. Through the Home Advanced Connectivity (HAC) system to manage connectivity in the home, based on Microsoft Azure Internet of ThingsTelefónica achieved Overcoming technical barriers Which previously made contact management difficult Routers local. Now, its operations and customer service teams have Bi-directional data flows in real time Between gateway devices in the customers’ home and the Telefónica cloud, to Great range.

The HAC platform has shown great results and is currently in process 6.5 billion signals per dayduring 4.5 million Routers Connected in Spanish homes. With plans to Connecting 20 million homes by 2024 in the countries where Telefónica operatesHAC has become a core solution for the company, improving device management across a broad installed base and facilitating rapid development and delivery of new value-added services.

“Our customers’ connectivity at home, one of the core parts of our business, was not in the cloud. “We need to eliminate complexity and be more cost-effective.” He explains chima alonso, Chief Digital Officer From Telefonica.Thanks to the platform, we provide better service to our customers at home, not only because we respond faster to any call circumstance but also because we respond before it happens.

A solution for growth at scale and last mile management

“The home ecosystem of connected devices is growing in a very diverse and complex way,” pointing to Gonzalo Gómez, CEO of Operations and Customer Service Platforms at Telefónica. “There are more and more devices that users can connect to their home networks that have unique behaviors, and customers expect a good connection experience. “As a communications provider, we need to ensure this experience and understand what is happening in this ecosystem to make this possible.”

In 2019, Telefónica began developing a new home connectivity management platform that has evolved into the current Home Advanced Connectivity (HAC) system. The company’s previous solutions failed to address key complexities, such as the presence of third-party components installed by customers in their homes, which limited Telefónica’s management of contact data.

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Telefónica identified a New architecture Router residential communicate Open the home page. This strategy makes it easier to develop new services and use cases without requiring an update Firmware Subordinate Router (CPE). Open Home uses a single proxy in Router and the HAC Cloud Platform, which allows Telefónica to offer network capabilities and resources to third parties through standard APIs.

“Open Home with HAC allows Telefónica to implement its software strategy on Customer Equipment (CPE),” He says José Aranda Cubado, Senior Director of the Hardware Development Center at Telefónica and Single Agent Development Strategy Leader. “By exposing device information and capabilities to the cloud through APIs, we can change the way we develop and deliver new services.”

The Open Home solution is capable of handling data from millions of people Routers Published by Telefónica. take Overcoming the technology challenge with the Microsoft Azure IoT platformwhat is included Azure IoT Center And Azure IoT Hub device provisioning service (DPS). Thanks to them you get Two-way communicationwith the Routers Customer homes using a single agent within each device. To enable full HAC functionality, Telefónica has integrated the Azure IoT platform with other Microsoft services, including Azure Data Stones, Azure Event Centers, Azure data lake storage And Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). HAC uses Azure’s built-in security for customer data and controls how that data is shared. clouds Improves process efficiencyThis is something that is impossible to develop with local solutions.

Using HAC, for example, Telefónica operations teams can diagnose or predict connectivity issues by retrieving information directly from Router to the customer and provide a solution, all in a continuous flow of data. HAC also uses «Device twin« IoT Hub, a dual digital capability provided by IoT Hub, which Ensures accurate remote configuration Routers and allows you to have updated router information in the cloud, with consequent efficiency in accessing it.. Before HAC, these workflows were often complicated by the need to have external agents on the client computer, which lengthened communication and problem resolution times. Consolidating multiple agents into a single agent helps Telefónica deliver higher quality services and operations, optimize device utilization and integration costs, and unify data access, including privacy controls.

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With an eye on the future

Another strategic element in the development of the HAC is Telefónica’s participation in the global initiative open gate, This helps application developers gain flexibility in producing applications that take advantage of access to fixed and mobile network capabilities. led by Global Mobile Communications Association (GSMA), The project is designed for Promoting the rapid expansion of the use of fixed and mobile technologies, Using platforms that all developers can share, platforms that are based on the same HAC principles.

In short, Home Advanced Connectivity (HAC) has revolutionized device management for Telefónica customers, allowing efficient two-way communication between home networks and the corporate cloud. The HAC was implemented on the Microsoft Azure IoT platform The company has contributed to significantly improving the customer experience, providing a higher quality of service, greater operational efficiency, and a clear path to innovation and providing new services.With the goal of connecting 20 million homes by 2024.

To know more details about Telefónica’s advanced home communication success story, please click here.

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