July 5, 2022

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Tesla Robotaxis, Elon Musk's Ambitious and Challenging Target for the Future - News - Hybrid & Electric Cars

Tesla Robotaxis, Elon Musk’s Ambitious and Challenging Target for the Future – News – Hybrid & Electric Cars

Cyber ​​Rodeo was the great party for Tesla. The Austin Gigafactory’s inaugural ceremonies brought with them many firsts. Speaking of the past, present, and future, we’ve been able to learn from Elon Musk himself some upcoming news. The American billionaire has given up that Tesla will create futuristic-looking autonomous vehicles that will function as an automatic hub. in an unknown future.

In the short term, Tesla plans to expand construction operations at the company’s two newest plants: Berlin and Austin. Musk expects to dominate the electrical appliance market in the next few years with a global market share of 20%And for this you need to expand production to a larger scale. New factories will help, but also launch new products such as the Tesla Cybertruck, which also featured prominently in the already popular Cyber ​​Rodeo.

But we have to look to the future and guess where to move. We all know the ambitious plans going around Elon Musk’s head, although only he knows the specifics. A few days ago, the businessman announced that the third part of his master plan is already underway. You have to admit the obvious and say that everything that Musk predicted in the past, 15 years ago, has come true. Although, as we said earlier, The first objective of this stage is to “scale production to mass scale”something else is planning on Tesla.

By passing, Musk has discovered the potential of creating a state-of-the-art fleet of self-driving vehicles to perform the functions of a robot hub. It should not be confused with the current self-driving Tesla cars that are prevalent in various US cities such as Miami or Las Vegas, not. In these cases we are talking about projects boring companythe company that could be written off as the craziest and daring Musk-founded company that currently makes small rides with autonomous cars.

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In this case, and as the CEO of Tesla himself explained, we will talk about vehicles that were developed specifically for the taxi practice. “There will be a custom robotics that will look completely futuristic.”. Those were the words Musk uttered to the rabbit. 11 Words has sparked a direct source of rumors and information showing how Tesla could be the first fully self-driving, custom car.

The point is that Elon Musk will not be the first to enter this segment. Many other brands like, zoox As for Daimler, who already had her own proposal which ended up being abandoned not too long ago. The goal is not at all simple, not technologically or organizationally, since a series of details that we are far from contemplating must be met. Only time will tell when the first operational Tesla robot hub will arrive. Bearing in mind that we’re talking about a diagram in the mind, it can take several decades for this to come true.