May 22, 2022

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Matteo Bocelli and Sebastian Yatra premiere of Tu Luz Quedó, a sad song |  Video clip |  Present

Matteo Bocelli and Sebastian Yatra premiere of Tu Luz Quedó, a sad song | Video clip | Present

Members Matteo Bocelli and Sebastian Yatra They were counting down the minutes so they could hear about this long-awaited collaboration. Which is that with both artists’ names in the song’s credits, nothing can go wrong.

What was expected would be a beautiful song in which their voices create a hypnotic melody. And so it became. the shadow of your light It arrives in Spanish and has sounds that tell a story full of emotion.

Specifically, the topic talks about a heartbreaking breakup of love in which the other person wishes to enjoy their life without them. Some of his poems say, “I just hope you find that joy that I didn’t know how to give you. I’m sorry for that because I came to love you as a treasure and I know that day.”

But the song does not come as a single, but rather accompanied by a video clip Registered in Malta. It shows some impressive corners of the city, whose infrastructure perfectly matches what these two artists want to tell us.

Matteo Bocelli is the son of the famous Italian singer Andrea Bocelli. Like his father, he developed an imminent passion for music, which led him to publish several musical projects. Now he has decided to join the successful Colombian artist to give us a beautiful Spanish song that has definitely become the favorite soundtrack of thousands and thousands of people.

And it is that if there is one thing that distinguishes these two artists, it is that they do everything with passion and every work hides behind many hours of composition and effort. fact, A few days ago, Matteo shared a video showing both of them performing the song on the piano. Pure emotion!

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And you, what do you think? the shadow of your light? Do you already know who you are dedicating to?