May 19, 2022

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That's all we know

That’s all we know

Microsoft was thinking of releasing a file Xbox Game Pass Family Plan For a long time, but since the service has been available, we haven’t seen anything like it. Now according to Windows CenterThose from Redmond are working hard to expand their subscription so we can share it with our friends or family by paying more.

Details are scarce at the moment, but the Xbox Game Pass family plan will offer access to five players, who can access the entire game library on the service, and It will have a cheaper price To pay each subscription separately, it is the only alternative we have today. For this, Microsoft will use its own “Family Account” system.

This is how the Xbox Game Pass Family Plan will work

A Family Account is the system that allows us to share Microsoft 365. Unlike with other family plans, which are designed to work with people who live in the same home (for example Netflix) and Microsoft This limit extends to those within the same country. This feature will also come to the Xbox Game Pass Family Plan.

Since we are talking about a family plan, there will be no need to share the password. Every member of the plan You should be able to use your own account. This will allow them to save their games, progress, achievements, and more. The account that pays for the family subscription will assume the role of administrator for the subscription, and will be able to add or remove members.

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Some details are still unclear. Let’s remember that Microsoft offers three levels of Game Pass With more than 100 games. Standard subscription for consoles (€ 9.99 per month), PC subscription (€ 9.99 per month) and Ultimate (€ 12.99 per month), which combines previous subscriptions and adds online multiplayer. Will we have separate family plans or one option? We don’t know that yet.

The arrival of the Xbox Game Pass family plan could have been delayed due to a review of contracts with different companies. That is, the agreements that Microsoft had to reach with external publishers in the distribution of royalties, etc. Whatever the case, The plan will come after Sony announces its response to Games Pass with update PlayStation Plus (Initial plan 8.99 € / month).

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