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That’s how we said it in “And Now Sonsoles”

That’s how we said it in “And Now Sonsoles”

Last Monday, November 20, was an important day for Shakira, who is accused of tax evasion, for which the prosecution is suing her. 8 years imprisonment and a fine of 23.8 million From the euro.

A few days ago, on the occasion of the Latin Grammy celebrations in Seville, the singer arrived in Spain with her children from Miami, where she went to live after her separation from Gerard Pique to live there. Start a new life.

His attitude at the awards ceremony was calm, though, yes, Avoid talking to the media During the red carpet she finally arrived and much later than expected.

The day Shakira went on trial for fraud

A few days after presenting the most important awards in Latin music, in which Shakira won three awards, the artist arrived at the Barcelona court for her trial. It only lasted 10 minutes.

The singer admitted to fraud and He agreed to reach an agreement With justice, the final sentence was 3 years imprisonment and a fine of 7.3 million euros. However, Shakira will avoid going to prison because she agreed to pay more.

The decision, as explained by his lawyer in “And Now Sonsoles”, was not easy, but it is It was taken for his children. Her lawyer also confirmed that this was Shakira’s will, and that they are sure of their ability to win the case.

The artist herself He also spoke About the agreement, she explained that for her it is not a victory if the price is stealing many years of her life.

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Shakira’s position on the day of the trial

It was around 10 a.m. when Shakira arrived at trial on tax fraud charges. He did it with A.J Pale pink suit and glasses Together, a tone that provides purity and innocence.

The singer showed herself Quiet upon arrival She was also ashamed, and even put her hand on her chest while looking at who was supporting her and hit her chest twice.

Inside the courtroom his attitude was completely different. The singer showed herself Nervous and dangerous And with a worried expression. When she finished, and after I thanked her, she fixed her hair, looked around, and breathed a sigh of relief.

At the end of the trial, which lasted 10 minutes, Shakira He left with a firm step He is accompanied by several agents.

Shakira returns to Miami after settling her affairs with the Treasury

After reaching an agreement with justice, Shakira surrendered He finished his stage in Spain She returned to Miami, but this time without her children.

His attitude as he left his home in Barcelona to go to the airport was completely different from what we saw in the previous days. singer I smiled and walked relaxed He was even answering questions from the press, even having to avoid the occasional laugh.

Now the artist is back in Miami alone Accompanied by her brother Tonino. Meanwhile, during the days of the trial, his children headed with Pique to Sardinia to keep them away from the center of the controversy, according to Laura Fa.

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Pique’s problems with the Treasury

Now that Shakira has resolved her issues with the Treasury, Gerard Pique Investigation is underway By the Tax Authority on the occasion of the commissions it received for celebrating the Super Cup in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

A process in which the Spanish Football Federation will receive 30 million euros annually for 6 editions and in which Pique will be retained 4 million every year in commissions To play the role of mediator.

tax authority He is now demanding more than 800,000 euros In taxes on those funds that are not taxed in Spain or Saudi Arabia.