August 7, 2022

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The 1st Conference on Oral Health and Smoking Cessation Organized by SEPA and CNPT

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The conference will take place at La Casa de las Encías on March 22, 2022. Photo: Courtesy of SEPA.

A patient who goes to the dental clinic and is a smoker accumulates many arguments and reasons for giving up the habit of smoking, and from the dental clinic itself it is possible to give appropriate advice and tools to help him in this purpose. The first conference on oral health and smoking cessation, to be held on Tuesday 22 March at Casa de las Encías, is planned within the framework of these buildings.

working group Gum health and smoking cessationwhich includes experts from Spanish Periodontology Association (SEPA) Based on Committee on Smoking Prevention (CNPT), earns a commitment to take action against smoking from the dental clinic. a scientific information meetingwhich is supported by Johnson & Johnson, and which aims to lay the foundations and reveal the main arguments for Highlighting and enhancing the role of the dental team in the smoking cessation process.

The action he will perform Dr. Miguel Carasolcoordinator of the Alliance for Oral Health and Public Health at SEPA, will be directed by Regina leftCoordinator of the SEPA-CNPT Working Group and Scientific Director of Take Care of Your Gum; And the Lear GastelrotiaCoordinator of the Working Group on Periodontal Health and Smoking Cessation.

The meeting was planned as Day of work and thinkingare eminently practical and interdisciplinary in nature, as described by the invited panel of experts.

Thus, there will be attendance and contributions cherry dew (President of the Spanish Society of Oral Medicine), Carlos Jimenez (Director of the Specialized Smoking Unit at the San Carlos Clinical Hospital in Madrid and former President of the Spanish Society of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery, SEPAR), Raul de Simon (Coordinator of the Working Group on Smoking of the Spanish Association of Primary Care Physicians, SEMERGEN), Christmas Sanchez (Member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Society of Clinical, Family and Community Pharmacy SEFAC), Xiumara Jimenez (Member of the SEPA CNPT Working Group and Secretary General of the Ibero-American Federation of Periodontology, FIPP) and Rosa Tarago (President of the Professional Association of Oral Hygienists of Aragon).

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And since it can’t be less, there will also be a file patient representation; Specifically, you will participate Nicole Haas (Official Spokesperson and Technical Advisor to the COPD Society, APEPOC) and Jorge Hinojosa (Diabetes patient and former smoker, director of the Madrid Diabetes Association).

It will be the task of this multidisciplinary group of experts, among others Expose your current smoking cessation status in our country, Review the most effective strategies existing to quit smoking, Traces of tobacco appear in the oral cavity Finally select What the oral health team can do to help stop smoking.

In addition, you will review Smoking cessation protocol in dental consultationpromoted by the SEPA-CNPT Group.

After the discussion, and in the context of a press conference, there will be a summary of the main ideas put forward, as well as Job offer to advance in this field.