January 19, 2022

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The 2022 Spanish box office starts in low hours despite Spider-Man: No Way Home

The 2022 Spanish box office starts in low hours despite Spider-Man: No Way Home

We already said it last week: This Christmas has been characterized by having rather lazy weekends because it coincides with very homely days like Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Perhaps for this reason and without a doubt because the audience does not choose to go to the cinema as their preferred entertainment option, The first weekend of 2022 was settled with just 3.87 million euros collected through 20 films in the Comscore rating, just over half a million viewers. (569,854 to be more specific), a frustrating number at which we can only continue the year on an upward curve.

The only movie that works well isSpider-Man: There is no room for home‘, which we expected great results from but which exceeded any expectations and raised money at the box office as if there was no pandemic. Worldwide, it’s already the 12th highest-grossing movie in history without inflation adjustment, and In Spain this weekend it reached 20 million euros. It’s a number we haven’t seen since February 2020When ‘frozen 2collected 20.7 million.

And the Sony movie did it in just three weeks, and a month ago it wouldn’t have a major contender (“MorbiusIt was the title that was scheduled to take over at the end of January, but for some reason the same distributor decided to postpone its release back to April). End of this week ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ added €1.49 million, down 39% and an average of €1,684 collected on each of its 888 screens.so this spider is still alive and could reach 25 million or more.

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The rest of the top five continues practically the same as the previous weekend, except for the ‘Exit’West side story(The Disney-distributed musical is the big disappointment of the season and didn’t reach €800,000 in its second week.) “Sing 2!‘In second place, and despite not having a stunning initial show, Universal’s proposal has clearly positioned itself Family leave option, adding 751,199 euros in the second weekend to a total of 3.53 million. Its very slight drop of 11% and its average of €1,361 per screen suggest this karaoke will have a few hits.

follow him again”Resurrection Matrix‘, although much lower with €329,731 and a very sharp drop of 52%.. It is very likely that Warner Bros. You didn’t expect such a low performance for the return of such a famous and intergenerational saga, but you have to keep in mind that The US premiere on HBO Max led to a movie Lana Wachowski Available on piracy sites with the highest qualityspecifically the target audience ofmatrixHe knows how to download movies. Nor does it help that “anti-wake-up” discourse arise around him, which robbed him of a large proportion of the young males to whom the discourse addresses.

The only Spanish premiere of Christmas this year,”mom or dad‘, it did not work as we would like it to, and in its third week he added 308,546 euros for a total of 1.81 million. It has a slight drop of 19% indicating good maintenance in the coming weeks with no Spanish (or any country) comedy in sight. Let’s see if it will reach three and a half million.

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The first mission, and possibly the last

Finally, the only premiere that entered this week closes the rankings. “King’s Man: First Mission“, Another film, such as Steven Spielberg’s musical, Disney inherited from Fox’s purchase, highly improved results. In the first weekend, I collected 301,567 euros, which comes to 488,330 euros if we go back from Wednesday to Sunday.

It is a very discreet start that is underlined by the €725 average that it has earned on each of its 416 screens. It is clear that the Spanish public who gave “Kingsman: Secret Service“Almost 4 Million and Its Sequel”golden circle4.14 million, didn’t find this presentation/presentation very appealing, to make matters worse, it arrives with infinite delays on the bulletin board.