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The actors of the Spanish dub of “Pokmon” say goodbye to the series after 25 years

The actors of the Spanish dub of “Pokmon” say goodbye to the series after 25 years

he Anime From the series “Pokemon” He was One of the longest-lived, legendary and popular Which several generations of children (and not so children) have been able to enjoy The past 25 years From the history of television. The adventures of Ash Ketchum and his companions have taken these characters through hundreds of experiences More than 1,300 episodes and twenty filmsAlthough in 2023 the time has come to put an end to this goal that the young man from Pueblo Paleta set at the beginning of everything, as the brave coach was finally able to be crowned champion and this helped in Make room for new personalities And new stories in the new “Pokmon Horizons” series.

with The reason for saying goodbye to Ash and his friends, Spanish Had the opportunity to sit and chat with many Spanish dubbing voices from Spain Which we heard more than a quarter of a century ago in animation, with performers Lots of stories Behind his back and Lots of luggage In this professional field.

A legendary and story-filled dubbing of a series “It was before and after”

Since his first arrival on Spanish territory In the year 1998The anime “Pokmon” was formed from a team of voice actors who were… Remain unchanged To many of its main heroes. Thus, in Spain Vote Adolfo Moreno He was linked to Ash Ketchum the entire time, while they were members Team RocketMeowth, Jessie, and James are voiced by Jose Escobosa, Amparo Valencia and Ivan Jararespectively.

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As veterans remember, the series began Broadcast to Jetix channel In Spain, its dubbing was directed by Amparo Valencia herself, who remembers that no one thought so “Wouldn’t it have these repercussions?” It was scheduled to continue for many years. After meetings with Nintendothe actors were chosen by casting and immediately received Huge workloadSome time ago 150 episodes To double (unusual amount). The chain came with “Too much noise” From the east and soon it won’t take long Switch to Telecinco In our country, to be broadcast to a wider audience.

Obviously “Pokémon” It was successful It dazzled thousands of spectators across the country. His voice actors indicate that he is Success can be for many reasons. For Moreno, the key lies in him parallel universe And its wonderful creatures on the other hand, Escobosa believes his message “Pay attention to the things around you and naturein addition to him “Attractive” Visually, this was what viewers loved. Whatever the case, he clearly did a lot of things well. “Many of the children I have now Even 30 years old they are still addicted To Pokemon, so there’s something about it.”“Valencia says.

The voice of Meowth, known in his hometown in Cantabria as… “The Book”States “It was a Pokemon Before and after regarding animation.

The actors have realized now, looking back How much your work means To thousands of spectators. They confirm that they got it Loving people All this time they also claim that the dubbing industry “He has changed a lot” In these years, since before it was a profession “Too anonymous”but Now it has become more clear Thanks “To social networks”As Escobosa explains.

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After hearing the news that “Pokmon” is about to end, according to Valencia: “He was Dislike. For this team, the characters of the series were already “like family”So much so that he admits it Tears came to his eyes Recording the last lines of the series. On the other hand, it was anime too Immovable quote For many years for these actors, the job they knew was a constant in their schedules, and now it is, too They will stop receiving their periodic income. “His Pokemon Pay many bills “All these years”Escobosa says.

There is a lot between story and story Hazar. Even Jara admits that they had a great time giving voice to the characters, and sometimes they even do so They burst out laughing They had to endure it, as happened with Jess Alberto Pinillos Gary’s voiceAnd he put his knuckles in his mouth Prevent hearing your laughter On the microphone.

If Ash hadn’t retired, I would have retiredcomments Adolfo Moreno.

But as is logical, Everything has a beginning and everything must have an endAdolfo Moreno says, “25 years is a long time. I’ll do it.” Turning fifty. “If I didn’t retire from Ashe, I would have retired.”. Moreno also admits that during all this time he had to do this Dealing with frustration That his character never won and was always on the verge of achieving his dream. “Supporting the protagonist without getting anything also has a lot of advantages.”.

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The sound of ash, among other things, Always remember the first chapter From the series and the moment when his character falls off a bike and encounters some spears that will attack Pikachu. Moments like this They are already television history According to him, now We must always remember Like the voice of Ash Ketchum.